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  •  86% of U.S. households now use the Internet as an information source when shopping locally
  •  85% of local searchers will follow up with a phone call or visit to the listing that stands out best

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One of the worst questions to ask on the phone is:

“Would you like an appointment?”

It seems like a sensible and polite question to ask a new patient on the phone or a patient standing in front of you at the desk after seeing the dentist.

Or is it?

Now it’s fabulous if the answer is yes but what if the answer is no?

The caller now hangs up the phone or the patient walks out of the Dental Office with no appointment to solve and treat their dental problem.

I am always baffled why we ask this question.

We might as well ask:

“Would you like to make an appointment or leave it and wait for your tooth to fall out?”


“Would you like to make an appointment or wait until the tartar on your teeth is 1cm thick and your breath stinks?”

Your Front Office Team have a duty of care and responsibility to make the patient’s next appointment.

Too often this thought never crosses their minds.

“Is your Dental Practice where you want it to be?”

If not, apply for your Free Front Office Strategy Session right now and discover 3 of the most critical and costly mistakes being made on your front office phone….

The problem now is what do you say or ask a patient so they do go ahead and make their next appointment and don’t say no?

I am a firm believer that the best way to ensure a new patient makes an appointment on the phone is to make the appointment with them.

“Now let’s make your appointment.”

Presume the patient is now ready to make their next appointment.

Most of the time they are ready but we then ask them if they would like to make an appointment and it is easier for them to say no.

Guide them and help them make the appointment.

“Would you prefer morning or afternoon?”

The patient is still given choices but you have removed the choice of whether they will make an appointment or not.

After speaking with a person on the phone you know they need an appointment.

So make that appointment.

After listening to the Dentist explain to the patient why they need treatment you know they need an appointment.

So make that appointment.

When a patient leaves your office with no appointment or hangs up the phone with no appointment you have really let that patient down.

“Thinking about” treatment is never the answer to their dental problem.

So stay focused on making an appointment and you will make the appointment.”

Dental Phone Excellence is a simple to implement complete Phone Answering system developed by Jayne Bandy that helped her to build an extraordinary dental practice in the heart of working class western Sydney.

If you’d like to know more, download her Free Report here now: “How I Quickly And Easily Went From 35% To 77% New Patient Telephone Conversions…And Doubled The Size of My Dental Practice Along The Way”


Dental Phone Excellence

This blog post was written by Jane Bandy who is the creator of Dental Phone Excellence. Dental Phone Excellence delivers practical ideas that are easy to implement tomorrow in your Dental Office, impacting immediately on your Patients’ Dental  Phone Experiences, and ultimately, improving your practice profitability.

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Before you get offended or upset with me about the topic of this blog post, understand that this is the direct opinion of the corporate dental “raiders”. Not mine. It’s my job to be the professor of harsh truth, and today is that day.

Recently, corporate dental offices have been attractive targets for investment capital.

What do savvy investors see in dentistry? Lots of upside and profit, that’s for sure.

Investment firms have told me that the rise of corporate dentistry demonstrates that dentistry can be extremely profitable… and investors have discovered the potential.

A lot of solo dentists are in denial over the fact that corp dentistry is a REAL viable threat to their practice. I’m here to tell you the threat is VERY real and you need to take it extremely serious… because gone are the days when “corporate dental” meant bad dentistry…they are going out and hiring experienced dentists who no longer want the “day to day” of running a business and paying them handsomely to come on over to the corporate side. The end result is that corporate dentistry now means good dentistry.

I’ll shoot it straight. One of the main attractors of corporate dentistry is the “competition,” in other words – you! And what investors and managers find attractive is that they don’t
see you as competitive

do mean to be blunt. I don’t mean to be insulting. What investors see in the marketplace is that most practices are managed by unseasoned business-people, folks who would rather “do dentistry” than plan a marketing campaign. And in most cases do NO MARKETING and only have “word of mouth” patients (when they see this they start to salivate at the opportunity to crush the local GP)

This is bad news for the independent dentist – and their patients.

Here is ONE extremely simple and easy way to fight back and WIN:

Marketing: You have to recognize your areas of weakness and the “corporate’s” have their marketing game honed in. They know all their numbers and understand the exact dollar value of a patient and know exactly how and what to spend to acquire a patient by using marketing systems. To be quite frank, they hire companies like mine, Local Search For Dentists™.

Corporate dental practices don’t act cheap, they know their numbers and invest in the marketing and selling of dentistry. That is how they break private practices in half and steal their best patients. It’s that simple!

BUT it’s not all bad news for you, the solo practitioner, because I see that as a HUGE opportunity! They may have systems and deep pockets, but at the same time they’re LARGE and slow to make decisions. A smaller practice can be nimble and act fast, since there is no board of directors or bureaucracy to get things approved.

BOTTOM LINE: You have to market (not word of mouth) or you won’t make it in the long run, that’s the harsh truth. You need set you practice apart from corporate dentistry by communicating that through proven online marketing (I’m not talking about putting a paragraph or page your website).  You need REAL proven marketing systems. Now it’s time that you let me…help you. I love everything about the dental industry and I want to give you a chance to let me help you BEAT THE CORPORATE’S. Click here to get a detailed game-plan that reveals my secret roadmap to practice and income growth (the corporate’s won’t know what hit’em)

It’s time to shift your approach to the concept of corporate dentistry and you will see that you can thrive – and your competition will become irrelevant.

Have Fun & Do Something Great!
Graig Presti
CEO Local Search For Dentists™ , 3 TIME Inc. 500 Approved Company
CEO New Patients For Life ™
#1 Best Selling Author


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I urge you not to ignore this blog post.
It may just save your practice, your family and
your livelihood.

The industry I love so much, Dentistry, is under
attack. And It’s happening as I type this.

I write this to warn, inform and help. NOT scare.

Dentists all over North America are going bankrupt.
I’ve received 5 notices of bankruptcy from dentists
across the country…pleading for my help. Unfortunately
for them it’s too late, but you, I can 100% help.

That is more bankruptcies notices in 1 month than in 10 years!!!

The facts for this occurrence are simple (but ignored by 97%
of dentists who refuse to change)

  1. corporate dental practices invading cities and breaking private practices over their knees in a matter of months
  2. patients spending less money (hoarding cash due to uncertainty, looming elections, terrorism etc)
  3. LARGE private mega practices buying up everything in sight, including market share.
  4. expanded dental hygienist practice (reducing the need for dentists)
  5. insurance manipulation and domination of the market place.
  6. there WILL be a recession in 2016

This is NOT a death sentence. I can help you fight this and win.

Do NOT be a stick in the mud, who refuses to change.
2016 can be that year for change. Let’s do it!

Let’s save this industry from its slow, lengthy undoing
and raise it up to greatness again.

I want to help you put an action plan together to fight this.

One word of WARNING: This action plan will disappear with out
notice! So don’t delay.

Check it out by clicking the link below:

Talk Soon,
Graig Presti
CEO An Inc 500 Approved company

PS- Life does get in the way but THIS is the simplest way to keep
patients on track, reactivating patients and SPARKING that REFERRAL
fire all in one fell swoop with almost ZERO effort what so ever….

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One of my private clients (who will remain nameless) is
already breaking his competition in half ….buying practices,
just killing guys who won’t change. He’s even got mobile dentistry
in the areas he can’t cover with a brick and mortar presence.

So, if you’re struggling with making heads or tails of what to do
that can specifically help you grow your practice then this action
plan is a “glove fit for you”.

Check it out by clicking the link below: