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Does your Internet Dental Marketing Allow Your Dental Practice show up on the Local Internet Search For Google, Yahoo, and Bing??

Internet Dental Marketing doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth, check out our site on how you can Get Your Dental Practice listed on the first page of Local Search on Google, Yahoo, Bing (MSN) Maps.

Did You Know!!

  • 97% of consumers use online media to research products and services in their local area
  •  According to Google 90% of searchers won’t look past page one of the results page
  •  86% of U.S. households now use the Internet as an information source when shopping locally
  •  85% of local searchers will follow up with a phone call or visit to the listing that stands out best

Graig Presti and will review and teach you How Your Dental Practice Can Generate A Flood Of New Patients by Dominating the Top of Local Search on Google, Yahoo and Bing! Don’t Let Your Dental Practice Get Left Behind in the Local Search Engine Game!

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If you hate reading or are short on time… and want the quick 5 minute video version.
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Recently, I surveyed over 23,000 dentists asking the top problems and dangers they  are facing. These are the top 7 major problems they identified:

1. “When I bring up implants, all patients think about is price.”

2. “I’ve been trained extensively but I’m not making the kind of money I feel I deserve.”

3. “I’m still struggling with cash flow and financial freedom doesn’t feel possible.”

4. “I’m doing well but just want to take it to the next level. If I could see more quality patients who have the money to accept great dental care, I’d be ecstatic.”

5. “I tried marketing before and hired consultants to help grow my practice only to find it didn’t work and I wasted a ton of money.”

6. “I know I should be marketing my practice but can’t find the time. My lifestyle seems out of control and the practice is taking over.”

7. “I feel hopeless, frustrated and a bit of a failure because I’m not where I’d like to be financially, personally or emotionally. And with the crazy economic times we’re facing, the weight of this feeling gets heavier.”

For every one of these worries, I’ve been there – the cash flow problems, feeling like a failure, trying things that didn’t work.

I’ve made every mistake you can possibly imagine. That’s part of doing business and you make mistakes, you learn from it and you grow.

I’ll bet you are 90% of the way to where you’d like to be.
You are just missing the
magic link.
And that link can change everything for you.

Since I’ve come from the school of hard knocks, the only thing I’ll ever give you is real world hard core money making secrets.

Here Are 7 Strategies for Attracting Implant Patients

The formula for making money in dentistry is very simple:

1. Identify a target market
2. Find out what they want
3. Create a process for finding the people who want what you offer

When you give them the service they want, they will pay you money. Here are seven strategies our dentists are using to make that work even in crazy economic times.

Strategy 1: Targeted Niche Marketing

Not targeting a niche with your marketing is one of the biggest mistakes you could make in your business. For example, seniors are living longer than ever before and the ‘baby boomer’ market is exploding. This is why marketing to implant patients is one of the most profitable things you can do in your practice.

Strategy 2: Two-step Direct Response Marketing

When your advertising has the patient calling the office directly – you are leaving out 95% of your potential patients, who might be interested in your services but not ready to buy TODAY.

So you want to create a marketing system that attracts 100% of the prospective patients who are interested in your services.

To do this, you want people to go to your IMPLANT SPECIFIC website (Please don’t send people to a “generic” family dentistry site, it will fail) or call a toll-free hotline to give you their information – and then follow up with these ‘leads’ by sending out a free report or CD providing them education and information on the topic that they are looking for.

In doing this, you are pre-educating and pre-qualifying your patients and putting them through a process that forces them to make an emotional investment.

And you have the opportunity to answer most of their questions before they ever get into the office!

Strategy 3: Position Yourself as the Ultimate Authority

Sounds too simple, right?  Positioning is the process of attracting people to YOU, who view YOU as the ultimate expert/authority, who do not question your recommendations, because they have sought you out – and only you.

Authorities get listened to; people follow their recommendations. When we help you position yourself as an authority, patients come in, they treat you better, you have less fee resistance, more case acceptance and they respect your advice.

To do this, you need to flip the relationship.  Instead of going out and “getting your name out there”…

You want to create a system of marketing that has patients responding and seeking you out – choosing YOU as their Dentist –

This will not only increase your case acceptance – because they are coming to you to have their problems fixed – but your patients, prospects and even your staff will see the self-confidence that you have… just beaming off of you.  When you are struggling, patients can smell that a mile away – and they won’t trust you! And by the way, you don’t have to be a famous celebrity to garner authority, our proven marketing will automatically do that for you!

If you’re interested in learning more about my proven Dental Implant Marketing system that is helping my clients have record months click below where I’ll give you all the details about this proprietary system.

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Strategy 4: Emotions are the Secret

Most Doctors have been taught that ‘being good’ and being ‘professional’ would bring them high dollar patients banging down their door.  Most have discovered that just isn’t the case!  Marketing to people’s emotions, and talking about solving their problems, NOT telling them your credentials is what is working.

You can tell them all about your credentials when they come into your office.  The reality is people with problems are looking for someone who understands them, can help them and will solve their problem.  They don’t care about the letters after your name.

Strategy 5: Separate Marketing and Case Presentation

Most so-called experts have completely mixed up the fundamental fact of business – they consider marketing and case presentation the same thing.

  • Marketing is the art of getting warm, live, pre-interested, pre-qualified bodies you have never met before sitting in front of you, while simultaneously setting up a zero fee resistant environment and deterring price shoppers.
  • Case Presentation is a process of helping the prospect make the best decision for themselves, which in your case is choosing your services (Implants).

There is a huge difference between the two.  You can never substitute case presentation or management for marketing.  If you don’t focus all your efforts on measurable, response generating, non-product marketing, you will never see a change in your practice.

Strategy 6: Overcoming the “Price Objection”

Research has shown that “price” is the number one objection that dentists are getting.  Here is the big lesson:

Patients only talk about price when they have
nothing else to make their decision on.

If you are marketing and setting up your relationship, then price (or your patients’ investment – a better way to word that) should be the last thing that is discussed. And at that point the conversation shouldn’t be about “price”; it should be about “how can we help you get your finances in order to make this happen?”

Nobody buys anything based on “logic” they make 100% of their decisions based on emotions, and rationalize logically afterwards.

Humans are an emotional species; we cannot separate our emotions from our thoughts.  There is always a feeling associated with any decision we make.  So if you use emotion to get people interested, and you educate them, price becomes the last thing they bring up.

Strategy 7: Control how information is given to your patients

The reason we create a system where they call a toll-free number, create a dedicated “implant patient” specific website (not a generic one), why we send out a free report, why we have syndicated videos on Youtube, and why we use patient reviews because what we want is to control the way the information is dispersed to our prospective patients.

If you have no control over their experience, they only think about price and they treat
is as a commodity. NOT A GOOD PLACE TO BE!

If you’re interested in learning more about my proven Dental Implant Marketing system that is helping my clients have record months click below where I’ll give you all the details about this proprietary system.

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I don’t know if you follow the read the industry trade journals, but the other day, I was being bashed – by someone who doesn’t know me, doesn’t know my clients, and was only out to try and grow his business by putting down mine!

I tried to extinguish the hatred politely, and had to finally withdraw from the conversation when he started to criticize my clients who came to my defense.

You see, he was a part of the Darkside of Dentistry – the side that thinks that Marketing and selling is a sin and if you rely on “being a good dentist” people will come.

And he doesn’t like me, because I help great Dentists make more money and enjoy more freedom! 🙂

Anyhow, I think if you want to make more cashola, the fun and easy way…especially now…then you’ve got to free yourself from the ‘darkside’!

What is the DarkSide?

Darkside is anything that limits your ability to make money, misinformation about how to ‘really’ attract new patients, or fills you with limiting beliefs.

You can skip the rest of this and see how I helped my clients FREE themselves from the Darkside of Dentistry and Get My Practice Growth Blueprint to Start Making The Money You Deserve, Attracting More High Quality Patients and STOP Allowing Others To Control Your Life & Income! at:

Here are just 2 of 21 Darkside Thoughts that are prevalent in Dentistry…and that need to change.

Darkside Thinking #1: All you need to do is “Be A Great Dentist & You’ll Be Successful!”

Reality: This is False! The goal of your business is to attract good patients who stay with you for life and send their friends. The only way to get people to know how great you are or to get patients to choose more services is to market and sell.
Darkside Thinking #2: Marketing and Selling is Unprofessional or Bad!

Reality: Marketing and selling that is unethical, misleading, or that doesn’t work is bad. However, marketing that gets patients to call your office pre-educated…and happy to do business with you…is good marketing! 🙂

Marketing you should be proud of…and your patients appreciate.

Let’s talk about selling for a second. I address this completely in my No Cost

“Free Yourself From The Darkside of Dentistry” webinar at:

…but here is one thought.

Most offices actually do more disservice to patients by not understanding a ZERO-Pressure form of selling that actually gets patients to choose better dentistry for themselves. Rather they over-educate, confuse, or unintentionally putting more external pressure on a patient…which simply drives them away.

Don’t believe me? Simply listen in on your hygienist tomorrow and ask yourself, “does the patient really know how bad their situation is?” (if applicable)
– is the patient more motivated to get help or less motivated?
– do they fully understand what was just explained…?

OR, ask yourself this:
– do I find that patients are increasingly becoming price driven?
– are they asking ‘logical’ questions?

Think about this: we try and motivate our team to produce more…by giving bonuses, but if they are not properly trained on how to use Zero-pressure, education based selling, then what they do is put more pressure on patients in order to hit goal.

In my opinion…that is crazy.

My final point: Anyone out there telling you shouldn’t market yourself and shouldn’t sell your services is limiting your income…and also limiting the potential of the entire profession. (insert marketing + highest level of care)

Your # 1 goal should be to have a consistent stream of new patients that you serve. The vehicle you do that through is Marketing (Internal and External)!  I’m excited to show you my best strategies and tactics for free at:

Listen, I’ve been around for a while…and I have seen just about every challenge
you could be facing now.

Here’s 1 thing I’ve discovered— it doesn’t matter how great you think you are…
or how great of marketing, selling…that you have- IF your mind is contaminated
by dark side thinking…then your income is being dramatically affected by the
dark side.

Have Fun & Do Something Great!
Graig Presti
CEO Local Search For Dentists™
CEO New Patients For Life ™
#1 Best Selling Author

PS: Some people will hate me for this…but I don’t care. The need for this information has never been greater. Go now:


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Wow…this is causing some chaos…and you need to check it out.
Last week, I decided to take on the Darth Vaders of Dentistry…and expose them. You may not know what “the DarkSide” is…so let me explain.

The Dark Side is preventing you from making you more money, because it is contaminating the entire profession with foolish, inaccurate, and scarcity thinking.

They are spreading lies: telling people that all they need to do is be “good”…and patients will come in droves! They are teaching the same stuff that they taught 20 years ago…and telling you to stay the course…things will change. (WRONG Advice!)

They are telling people NOT to market or sell dentistry…or having ‘ethical’ conversations over ‘how to do it w/ integrity’. The fact that you even have to have a conversation about integrity…makes me question…the integrity of the person. (more on this at

Listen, the name of the game is marketing, selling, and keeping patients for life! PERIOD!

HOW you do it…is VERY important!

For example, these docs or consultants that tell you NOT to sell…don’t know how to sell. When ‘selling’ is done properly 3 things should occur:

1.  When the patient is fully educated…and feels confident. Price is less of an issue… “Why?” because they
understand the benefits, dangers of not moving forward, and have the ability to make a BETTER decision.

2. ZERO external pressure is put on the patient. Pressure is put on a patient when staff and doctor are trying to hit their production goals…and aren’t skilled.

Listen, this is one topic that I’m extremely passionate about…and if you’ve been at one of my private webinars…you’ve heard me talk about it. Using language…and speaking at a very high level is an art. It’s one that needs to be practiced…and repetitively improved on. Think about this: every person who communicates to your team is actually ‘presenting’ every day to over a dozen people who need help.

Yet…how much communication, presentation, and sales training have they done?

By the way, training and sitting in a seminar room and listening are two completely different things. ANSWER: probably less than 2 hours their entire life

Now, make sure you don’t take this personally…because it’s not here to make you feel bad. I’m finally breaking my silence and exposing the entire profession…especially the B.S. statements these wanna-be consultants are teaching or not teaching.

Here’s the reality:
if your production is down or stagnant…then you are not alone… HOWEVER, accepting that as your fate is DARK SIDE THINKING!

Here’s 1 thought to ponder about your entire new patient experience, the team member who refuses to study, train, and do what you tell her/him to do. “2 years ago, you could’ve been average, half asleep…or working 3 days a week- and you had patients coming in accepting treatment, pay upfront…and you could’ve been making some decent money!”

Now- In order to get GREAT results in this crazy (and opportunistic) economy…you and your team MUST be impeccable!” Your goal: to create a well-oiled, precise, and motivated team that ensures every patient who walks through your door experiences the ‘same exact thing’. This is the only way to create predictability.

Bluntly: if they aren’t willing to be trained or improve…get rid of them. They are seriously affecting your income…and you’d be better off with less people…than 1 person who isn’t on board.

3. Patients are appreciative and send their friends!

When ‘selling’ and marketing are done correctly…this is the ultimate end-game. We want happy patients who send their friends! NOT becoming excellent at these skills…prevents the same docs who are ‘trying’ to be ethical and full of integrity from experiencing these kind of results.The reality is that the most ethical and integrity driven thing you can do is learn how to create a world-class practice, how to promote it, how to sell it…and by doing so…you help more people and get them healthy…thus creating a prosperous life.

You must stay away from anyone who is going to tell you that you can’t make more money NOW! That selling and marketing is bad! That all you need to do is get more clinical training…or even worse: “all you need to do is get your name out there.”

My final thoughts: the world is an abundant place with money that is out there waiting for someone to go out there and capture it. I, personally, know dozens of my clients who are experiencing RECORD MONTHS NOW…while others are sinking quickly.

The ones who are sinking quickly bought into the dark side…while the “record month club” are ignoring all that crap. They are training their staff…they are doing special programs for their existing patients…they are marketing and selling consistently…and they are committed to making this year their best year ever.

Please understand…your thinking is where it all starts. If you are blocking yourself from making more money…because you keep telling yourself foolish thoughts…then shake yourself and say “WAKE UP!”

If you want to use some of the actual strategies my “record month club” clients are using to grow a prosperous practice Go NOW to

That’s it for now…Go Do Something Great!

Graig Presti
CEO Local Search For Dentists™
CEO New Patients For Life ™
#1 Best Selling Author

Leader Against the DarkSide!