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Does your Internet Dental Marketing Allow Your Dental Practice show up on the Local Internet Search For Google, Yahoo, and Bing??

Internet Dental Marketing doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth, check out our site on how you can Get Your Dental Practice listed on the first page of Local Search on Google, Yahoo, Bing (MSN) Maps.

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  •  86% of U.S. households now use the Internet as an information source when shopping locally
  •  85% of local searchers will follow up with a phone call or visit to the listing that stands out best

Graig Presti and will review and teach you How Your Dental Practice Can Generate A Flood Of New Patients by Dominating the Top of Local Search on Google, Yahoo and Bing! Don’t Let Your Dental Practice Get Left Behind in the Local Search Engine Game!

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IN THE NEWS: Former Oklahoma dentist Scott Harrington, accused of infecting patients with HIV, now accused of Medicaid fraud

Scott Harrington, the Tulsa dentist previously accused of infecting patients with HIV and hepatitis, has entered a guilty plea for federal money laundering charges.

  • Harrington forfeited his license in 2014.
  • He was accused of exposing patients to HIV hepatitis
  • Hearing in federal courthouse in Tulsa on Wednesday
  • Harrington entered a guilty plea for money laundering

Federal charges of money laundering were filed against a former Tulsa dentist previously accused of infecting patients with HIV and hepatitis.The attorney representing one of Harrington’s former patients said the latest federal charge comes as no surprise.

Scott Harrington is accused of Medicaid fraud that took reportedly place between January and June 2012.

Court documents said he over-billed Medicaid patients costing nearly $30,000 and he forfeited his license in 2014.

Harrington entered a guilty plea for money laundering on Wednesday.

Harrington reportedly charged for anesthesia services he did not provide.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office declined to state whether they believed Harrington continued to commit fraud after he was forced to stop practicing dentistry.

Harrington is facing 10 civil lawsuits after allegations surfaced against him.

The first of those civil lawsuits goes to trial in September.

Harrington’s attorney said, “He looks forward to resolving the matter and putting this chapter of his life behind him”

The U.S. Attorney’s Office said the Muskogee office will prosecute the case after the Tulsa office recused themselves. He plead guilty at a hearing on Wednesday.

The lesson learned here is that no matter how good your ethics are you can
never protect yourself ENOUGH online.

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I urge you not to ignore this blog post.
It may just save your practice, your family and
your livelihood.

The industry I love so much, Dentistry, is under
attack. And It’s happening as I type this.

I write this to warn, inform and help. NOT scare.

Dentists all over North America are going bankrupt.
I’ve received 5 notices of bankruptcy from dentists
across the country…pleading for my help. Unfortunately
for them it’s too late, but you, I can 100% help.

That is more bankruptcies notices in 1 month than in 10 years!!!

The facts for this occurrence are simple (but ignored by 97%
of dentists who refuse to change)

  1. corporate dental practices invading cities and breaking private practices over their knees in a matter of months
  2. patients spending less money (hoarding cash due to uncertainty, looming elections, terrorism etc)
  3. LARGE private mega practices buying up everything in sight, including market share.
  4. expanded dental hygienist practice (reducing the need for dentists)
  5. insurance manipulation and domination of the market place.
  6. there WILL be a recession in 2016

This is NOT a death sentence. I can help you fight this and win.

Do NOT be a stick in the mud, who refuses to change.
2016 can be that year for change. Let’s do it!

Let’s save this industry from its slow, lengthy undoing
and raise it up to greatness again.

I want to help you put an action plan together to fight this.

One word of WARNING: This action plan will disappear with out
notice! So don’t delay.

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Talk Soon,
Graig Presti
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patients on track, reactivating patients and SPARKING that REFERRAL
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One of my private clients (who will remain nameless) is
already breaking his competition in half ….buying practices,
just killing guys who won’t change. He’s even got mobile dentistry
in the areas he can’t cover with a brick and mortar presence.

So, if you’re struggling with making heads or tails of what to do
that can specifically help you grow your practice then this action
plan is a “glove fit for you”.

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If you’re easily offended please don’t read on. Stop here. And hit DELETE.

There is a reason the TOP 1% of the industry makes all the money and gets all the high quality patients. They focus and work on their business and not “IN” their business.

Over the last decade I have had the privilege of working with 1000’s of dentists all over the world (and some going from the brink of bankruptcy to record setting years) BUT without question I can say majority of dentists run their businesses like crap…that’s right (I said it) like absolute crap.

Now don’t get mad, do NOT take this personally! This is business; if you can leave emotion out of it, you can grow and start running the dental practice you’ve always wanted.

I am here to help you….if you’re ready to hear the secret.

Here we go…

The bottom 90% waste thousands of hours and dollars on the wrong actions, thinking that CE courses, certifications, conferences and state of the art equipment will FINALLY BE the answer to getting their business to grow, just like the industry leaders.


You are in the business of attracting and caring for your patients. But it’s much more complicated than that.

You graduated from dental school and then quickly figured out it’s more than just polishing teeth…you actually need to balance/manage cash flow, pay taxes, deal with employee drama and performance issues…not to mention… you actually have to market and sell your services or no one will show up!

But let me ask you…when’s the last time you really took time to work “ON” your business?

The top earners in our industry realized a long time ago that being ultra-successful is not just about spending hours agonizing over the numbers or wasting money on the latest techno-gadget that your patients won’t even notice.

Instead, transforming your practice into an elite, profit-churning machine…is focusing on something that’s much, much simpler.

You’re working way harder than you need to; working too hard on the wrong things.

If you’re tired of laying awake at 2 am, worrying about what that right answer is, you’re not alone. And it’s not your fault.

You can change that starting today. Let me help you get to the TOP 1% in dentistry.

I am hosting an exclusive FREE webinar that allows dentists to FINALLY have 100% clarity on how to grow their businesses.

It’s time get serious and get focus on what will yield you the results you’ve been yearning for.

But, you have to take action.

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