Are Dentists Bad Business People?

If you’ve ever read any of my articles in Dental Economics Magazine or The Profitable Dentist Magazine you know that I’m known for my “pull no punches” approach to business advice, mainly because it gets results.

That being said…Before you get offended or upset with me about the topic of this blog post, understand that this is the direct opinion of DSO’s (Dental Support Organization) and the corporate dental “raiders”. Not mine! It’s my job to be the professor of harsh truth, and today is that day.

Recently, corporate dental offices have been attractive targets for boatloads of investment capital.

What do savvy investors see in dentistry? Lots of upside and profit, that’s for sure.

Investment firms have told me that the rise of corporate dentistry demonstrates that dentistry can be extremely profitable… and investors have discovered the potential.

I have the unique privilege to travel and speak to thousands of dentists all over the world and the majority of solo dentists are in denial over the fact that corp. dentistry and DSO’s are a REAL viable threat to their practice. I’m here to tell you the threat is VERY real and you need to take it extremely serious… because…. long gone are the days when “corporate dental” meant bad dentistry. They are going out and hiring experienced dentists who no longer want the “day to day” of running a business and paying them handsomely to come on over to the corporate side. The end result is that corporate dentistry now means better dentistry and the patients will not know the difference. In the end, you’re losing out on market share, the ability to serve your community and hundreds of new patients and referrals, especially with the advent of the Dental Service Organization (DSO) business model.

I’ll shoot it straight. One of the main attractors of corporate dentistry is the “competition,” in other words – you! And what investors and managers find attractive is that…

Corporate Dentistry just does NOT see you as competitive.

do mean to be blunt. I do NOT mean to be insulting. What investors see in the marketplace is that most practices are managed by unseasoned business-people, folks who would rather “do dentistry” than plan a marketing campaign. And in most cases do NO MARKETING and only have “word of mouth” patients (when they see this they start to salivate at the opportunity to crush the local GP.)

This is bad news for the independent dentist – and their patients.

Here is ONE extremely simple and easy way to fight back and WIN:

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Marketing: You have to recognize your areas of weakness and the “corporate’s” have their marketing game honed in. They know all their numbers and understand the exact dollar value of a patient and know exactly how and what to spend to acquire a patient by using marketing systems. To be quite frank, they hire companies like mine, Local Search For Dentists®.

Corporate dental practices and DSO’s are not cheap, they know their numbers and invest in the marketing and selling of dentistry. That is how they break private practices in half and steal their best patients. It’s that simple!

BUT it’s not all bad news for you, the solo practitioner, because I see that as a HUGE opportunity! They may have systems and deep pockets, but at the same time, they’re LARGE and slow to make decisions. A smaller practice can be nimble and act fast since there is no board of directors or bureaucracy to get things approved.

BOTTOM LINE: You have to market (not word of mouth or a silly website that no one sees!) or you won’t make it in the long run, that’s the harsh truth. Believe me, I know, I’m the person that gets the phone calls, emails and letters begging for my help when things are “too late” and the production of the practice has been decreasing for way too long.

Unfortunately, the bleeding is often too bad and I can’t help them, but I can certainly help you. It’s time to invest in your practice’s future and have a clear road-map to success.

You need to set your practice apart from corporate dentistry by communicating that through proven online marketing (I’m not talking about putting a paragraph on social media or page your website).  You need REAL proven marketing systems. Now it’s time that you let me…help you. I love everything about the dental industry and I want to give you a chance to let me help you BEAT THE CORPORATE’S. Click here to get a detailed game-plan that reveals my TOP SECRET road-map to practice and income growth (the corporate’s won’t know what hit’em)

It’s time to shift your approach to the concept of corporate dentistry and you will see that you can thrive – and your competition will become irrelevant.

I want to help you put an action plan together to get your practice moving in the right direction. Do NOT be a stick in the mud, who refuses to change. This year can be that year for change. Let’s do it!

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