EXPOSED: How To FINALLY Free Yourself From The DarkSide of Dentistry!

I don’t know if you follow the read the industry trade journals, but the other day, I was being bashed…by someone who doesn’t know me, doesn’t know my clients, and was only out to try and grow his business by putting down mine!

I tried to extinguish the hatred politely, and had to finally withdraw from the conversation when he started to criticize my clients who came to my defense.

You see, he was a part of the Darkside of Dentistry – the side that thinks that Marketing and selling is a sin and if you rely on “being a good dentist” people will come.

And he doesn’t like me, because I help great Dentists make more money and enjoy more freedom! 🙂

Anyhow, I think if you want to make more cashola, the fun and easy way…especially now…then you’ve got to free yourself from the ‘darkside’!


What is the DarkSide?

Darkside is anything that limits your ability to make money, misinformation about how to ‘really’ attract new patients, or fills you with limiting beliefs.

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Here are just 2 of 21 Darkside Thoughts that are prevalent in Dentistry…and that need to change.

Darkside Thinking #1: All you need to do is “Be A Great Dentist & You’ll Be Successful!”

Reality: This is False! The goal of your business is to attract good patients who stay with you for life and send their friends. The only way to get people to know how great you are or to get patients to choose more services is to market and sell.
Darkside Thinking #2: Marketing and Selling is Unprofessional or Bad!

Reality: Marketing and selling that is unethical, misleading, or that doesn’t work is bad. However, marketing that gets patients to call your office pre-educated…and happy to do business with you…is good marketing! 🙂

Marketing you should be proud of…and your patients appreciate.

Let’s talk about selling for a second. I address this completely in my No Cost

“Free Yourself From The Darkside of Dentistry” webinar at:

…but here is one thought.

Most offices actually do more disservice to patients by not understanding a ZERO-Pressure form of selling that actually gets patients to choose better dentistry for themselves. Rather they over-educate, confuse, or unintentionally putting more external pressure on a patient…which simply drives them away.

Don’t believe me? Simply listen in on your hygienist tomorrow and ask yourself, “does the patient really know how bad their situation is?” (if applicable)
– is the patient more motivated to get help or less motivated?
– do they fully understand what was just explained…?

OR, ask yourself this:
– do I find that patients are increasingly becoming price driven?
– are they asking ‘logical’ questions?

Think about this: we try and motivate our team to produce more…by giving bonuses, but if they are not properly trained on how to use Zero-pressure, education based selling, then what they do is put more pressure on patients in order to hit goal.

Get More Patients

In my opinion…that is crazy.

My final point: Anyone out there telling you shouldn’t market yourself and shouldn’t sell your services is limiting your income…and also limiting the potential of the entire profession. (insert marketing + highest level of care)

Your # 1 goal should be to have a consistent stream of new patients that you serve. The vehicle you do that through is Marketing (Internal and External)!  I’m excited to show you my best strategies and tactics for free at:

Listen, I’ve been around for a while…and I have seen just about every challenge
you could be facing now.

Here’s 1 thing I’ve discovered— it doesn’t matter how great you think you are…
or how great of marketing, selling…that you have- IF your mind is contaminated
by dark side thinking…then your income is being dramatically affected by the
dark side.

Have Fun & Do Something Great!





Graig Presti
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