Why You’re Missing Out On A Significant Number Of Appointments (and have no clue about it)

Guest Post By Jayne Bandy, Dental Phone Excellence

Some of my clients have chosen to use a Call Tracker company to measure their call results. It is such a great way to measure and track calls coming into the practice and see how the calls are handled by the team.

When I look at the results of call tracking I see a real pattern with the number of unanswered calls coming into the office.

Do you know the number of calls that go unanswered in your Dental Office?

Are the calls going to a message bank before your office is open, during the lunch break, and after hours?

CallsThese are the times I see being a real problem because so many calls come in and there is no one to take the calls.

32% of all calls that go to an answering message or are placed on hold, hang up and don’t call back!

You need to know this number. This is the number of people that you have lost to your business.

Today’s patients are busy, busy, busy.

Like us, they are often at work and the only chance they get to call you to make an appointment is before you are open, at lunch time (their lunch time) and after they finish work, when you are closed.


Not many Dental Offices have a plan of action for these calls.

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I believe an answering message is not enough.

What is needed is a real person answering the calls.

Many Dental Offices have a recorded message that gives the caller a message to call back during office hours. This means a lost new patient to the practice and even a lost existing patient most of the time.

Have a good think about how you can solve this big problem in your business.
No one wants to be losing patients this way.

There is always the option of an after-hours answering service or maybe extra work for your more zealous and motivated staff members?

Look for a way and you will be so surprised by the increase in your patient numbers.

Being able to get through to a business before or after their office hours is such a point of difference and so worth it.


The reason I know is because we did this in our business and it resulted in an amazing result for such a small effort.

So the first step is to find out if this is a problem for you. Using a Call Tracker will give you the answer straight away.

The next step is to now take action and make some changes so that you have real people answering the calls before and after your office hours.

Keep in mind that every missed call is a missed opportunity of a new patient and you have thrown away the money you spent on the marketing so this caller could find you in the first place.

Now that is Dental pain!

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