The Untold Truth About Word of Mouth Marketing (and why it’s a BIG FAT lie!)

The bad news is in…”word of mouth” just isn’t what it used to be.

Well, let me clarify.

Recent studies have shown that a large number of potential new patients may start their search with a word of mouth recommendation from a friend or family member.

HOWEVER, that’s just a starting point of their research.

40% of respondents made it clear that they then vetted those word-of-mouth recommendations online, majority using Google’s local search function.

So what were they looking for?

These potential patients wanted very specific information. For example, they wanted to know:

  • Practice hours? How close is it to where I live?
  • Will my insurance work with you?
  • What does your office look like? (Is it modern and clean, or old and dingy?)

And if these potential patients DIDN’T get the answers they were looking for within a reasonable (read: 15 seconds or less), they were on to the next practice.

You may detest the fact that the patient acquisition process has changed, but there are some irrefutable truths about modern new patient and referral generation that you have to accept.

50 New Patient Reviews in 7 Days??

Online Perception Is Reality!

Your online presence represents your business as a first impression. So if your Google reviews are non-existent, sparse or negative, potential patients will click away FAST.

As well, if your contact info or office information isn’t readily available and absolutely obvious, don’t count on them taking the time look for it.

Think of your patient attraction process like dating. If you go on a date with someone who is putting up a false personality, trying to be someone she/he is not, would you go out with them again?

The same goes for your online presence. Whether it’s fake reviews on Google, stock photos on your website, etc., today’s patients can smell a fake a mile away. Be real. Be awesome.

Focus On Educational Selling

You’ve heard me say it before: Marketing and selling are GOOD things. Positive things that will GROW YOUR BUSINESS. So stop looking at them like they are evil or bad. Frankly, that’s just plain stupid.

Learn basic marketing and education-based selling strategies. At the very least, get inside the mind of your patients. Speak their language (not Dental Speak). Determine what they fear when it comes to procedures, what they dream about when it comes to their smiles, and how to facilitate making those dreams a reality no matter what their financial situation is.

In the end, what worked before doesn’t work now. Word of mouth is not reliable on its own, so remain savvy and agile when it comes to marketing your practice. With that said, we can help make all of this super easy.

We have developed a Client Attraction System that pulls in Pay/Stay/Refer clients with little-to-no effort on your part. 

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Here’s Why I’m Willing To Help You!

I love the Dental Industry. I’ve been helping people just like you in dentistry for years. And it’s become clear after 5+ years of data analysis and testing that EVERY type of new patient no matter where they come from goes DIRECTLY through your google local listing and your Google reviews… no listing = fewer new patients… no reviews = fewer new patients.

Here’s the reason why reviews and local rankings impact EVERY form of new patient attraction…whether it’s…

• Word of Mouth Referrals
• Reactivations
• Direct Mail
• TV
• Radio
• Newspaper
• Public Relations
• Billboards

In this day and age EVERY single new patient BEFORE they call your office will look up your name/practice on Google. Google has become the MOST “trusted resource” when people want to know if YOU are reputable or not.

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Graig Presti
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