Dr. William Vanderwaal – Rebill for Fraud Chargeback Seq# 517512713 Case# 277242947

Client Account Dr. William Vanderwaal:
Seq# 517512713  Case# 277242947

Card to be used for the rebill: Visa William Vanderwaal xxxxxxxxxxxx1496 03/2023
Amount: $2,000 

Client, named above, agrees to pay Local Search For Dentists $1,900 for the Local SEO Setup cost plus $100 for the Chargeback processing fee.

Belvedere Marketing Group LLC, DBA Local Search For Dentists, a Texas Corporation, will bill my credit card $2,000. If necessary, this credit card will be used to pay all unpaid invoices and balances. William Vanderwaal agrees that LSFD shall retain all payments made by William Vanderwaal prior to the execution of this Agreement, and further agrees to refrain from any contests of prior payments. Any agreements with Local Search For Dentists shall be governed by the laws of the state of Texas.

Local Search For Dentists®
611 S Congress Blvd
Suite 310
Austin, TX 78704
United States


William Vanderwaal
2103 E Washington St 2A
Bloomington, IL 61701
United States

Local SEO Setup – $1,900.00
Chargeback processing fee – $100

Belvedere Marketing Group, LLC, d/b/a Local Search for Dentists
Signed: Graig J. Presti, CEO Local Search for Dentists

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