Dental Implant Patient Attraction Action-Plan ($7 Report)

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Our Proven Dental Implant Patient Attraction handbook is specifically designed for dental practices, who want to focus on and/or want more Implant, Cosmetic and C & B patients and has been field-tested for accuracy. Take a look at what you’ll learn and how it will guarantee you start to see real practice growth. More phone calls.. More New Implant Patients. More Profit!

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  • How you stack up against your local competitors (Why nearly everything you’ve been told about “How to attract more implant patients” is 100% completely FALSE!!)
  • How to Re-direct 83% Of Your Competitors Implant Patient Phone Calls and Like A Magnet Direct Them Right To Your Practice….FINALLY GAIN 100% Certainty & Control Over Your City When It Comes to Serving More Implant Patients In Your Community and Your Practice
  • 10-Point Dental Implant Domination Plan (it’s the EASIEST once in a practice lifetime way to get EASY to convert implant cases coming through your door with virtually no effort at all!)
  • THE Major Internet Shakeup By Google, Bing & Yahoo that Makes It EASY For YOU To Have At Least 2 NEW Pre-Qualified, Pre-Educated, Pre-Sold Implant Cases Each And Every Week (81-87% Will Convert Even If Your Case Presentation Is HORRIBLE)
  • How To Attract The “New Breed” Of Implant Patients Who Are EASY To Convert, EASY To Care For & Readily Stay, Pay & Refer
  • Who in your city is getting ALL the HIGH QUALITY Implant patients with money and re-direct those patients right to your front door (WARNING: If you ever plan to grow beyond your current levels you MUST learn this!)
  • Discover the NEW “implant mindset”! There is a REAL, PROVEN and simple way to ensure your practice gets at least ONE MORE new implant case every week…you’ll KICK yourself when you realize you could have been doing this all along!
  • Why potential new Implant patients in your neighborhood can’t find you
  • How To Attract The “New Breed” Of Patients Who Are EASY To Convert, EASY To Care For & Readily Stay, Pay & Refer!!
  • The fundamental rule EVERY dentist breaks when it comes to attracting GOOD paying implant cases who are a PLEASURE to work with. And how to avoid breaking those rules yourself!
  • FREE FAST ACTION BONUS : You will get an Internet Marketing Game-Plan where My team will analyze EVERY Doc’s keyword combinations, local search rankings on the Google, and a few other critical areas that determine what dentist(s) all the new patients in your area are choosing. (A $697 Value for F-R-E-E!) 

Your #1 challenge is getting implant patients who ACTUALLY want to accept treatment, but all you’re doing is turning them off by making a few minor errors in the way you bring them into your practice. You go out, get certified, and then say “how am I going to attract enough/more implant patients!”

It happens all the time, a fancy product comes out, the marketing dept gets a hold of it & you buy into the “false imagery” they sell you.

It’s not your fault!

Its not your fault because the story they tell is TRUE…

SORTA. More like a half-truth.

Same is true with Dental Implants. Great product. Great solution. Great idea.

But at the end of the day PRODUCT NEVER MOTIVATES people. Ideas & SOLUTIONS motivate people!!

And the fact is you’re a dentist, you’re WAY to busy DELIVERING solutions …you don’t have time to SELL them NOR should you be selling them.

The fact is you have this GREAT SERVICE you offer patients through Dental Implants and yet you’re leaving SO MUCH money on the table and simultaneously FAILING to help so many people!

So far fewer patients choose to accept treatment from you than should be…

This 100% Money Back Guaranteed Implant Patient Money Machine Handbook is the NO SELLING required FIX!

If you’re serious about serving more people in your community who suffer every single day with missing teeth and awful dentures, then I strongly encourage you to take advantage of this special discount offer for our “dentists only” Dental Implant Patient Attraction Handbook and find out what’s holding your practice back from reaching its full potential.

****We are so sure that it will help you do the same that if you do not see a 100% return on your investment, we will gladly refund your entire $7.00 investment—no questions asked.****

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Dental Implant Patient Attraction Handbook For My Dental Practice

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I’ll also share with you your own personal (not a canned planned scripted sheet of nonsense) blueprint taking you step by step through EXACTLY what you, your staff or your team should do to maximize the Cosmetic and Dental Implant portion of your practice. YOUR personal blueprint will be completely FREE of technical jargon and complicated computer geek tasks. Your PERSONAL blueprint will be told to you in easy to understand ENGLISH and simple steps to follow. EVERY personal blueprint is told to you in such a way that a TEN year old could execute the steps… as I said earlier… “this isn’t rocket science”.

If you are already in VIOLATION of Google’s terms of service and being targeted by Google (making it IMPOSSIBLE for prospective Implant Patients to find you!) and I will also share with you your own personal “remediation” plan to FIX the issues PERMANENTLY so google will stay off your back and LOVE your for the changes you’ve made.

Most importantly I will make it so you NEVER have to struggle again trying to figure out “what to do”. I’ll take all the heavy lifting OFF your plate. Finally you can just do what you do best… delivery dentistry and avoid the so called “experts” preying on your lack of computer savvy and desire to NOT be an internet expert!

And lastly I’ll show you how Google Reviews have become KING when it comes to new Dental Implant and Cosmetic patient attraction, no matter HOW you get new implant patients, and you’ll have an ultra-simple game plan that will take less than 15 minutes per month that will get you at least 15 NEW patient reviews each month, month after month… that’s over 150 Google patient reviews in less than a year!!!


****We are so sure that it will help you do the same that if you do not see a 100% return on your investment, we will gladly refund your entire $7.00 investment—no questions asked.****

Be bold! Make things happen!






Graig Presti
CEO – Local Search For Dentists®
#1 Best Selling Author and 4 Time Inc. 500/5000 magazine CEO.

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****We are so sure that it will help you do the same that if you do not see a 100% return on your investment, we will gladly refund your entire $7.00 investment—no questions asked.****