Success Stories

“More revenue. More Collections. More referrals.”

Carlos Sanchez, DDS

Practicing Dentist, Miami, FL

“450+ Five-Star Google Reviews and More New Patients Than Ever, Even During The Covid-19 Pandemic!”

French Moore III, DDS

Practicing Dentist, Abingdon, Virginia

“Local Search For Dentists® has taken a load off my back; my lunch hours are lunch hours again!”

Jeff Dalin, DDS

Practicing Dentist, St. Louis, MO

“Local Search For Dentists® has removed my stress and helps me sleep better at night!”

Brian Gilbert, DDS

Practicing Dentist Las Cruces
New Mexico

“Ever since we’ve been working with Local Search For Dentists®, my team feels relieved!”

Daniel A. Flores, DDS, MS, PC

Practicing Orthodontist
Fallbrook/Escondido, CA

“Ever since we’ve been working with Local Search For Dentists®, the rest of my team feels relieved, because up to now it’s been up to us to post this or post that, and ‘Let’s get the word out or make sure our name of this directory is correct and that everything matches.’ Well, you guys are doing all that for us. And that’s just a big relief, and I think that’s what separates you from some of the others out there. Even though others may say they do that, you guys deliver!”

“Local Search For Dentists® has removed my stress and helps me sleep better at night!”

Joshua Austin, DDS

Practicing Dentist & Contributor, Dental Economics Magazine
San Antonio, Texas

“Local Search For Dentists® helps me sleep at night, because I know that no matter how hard I try I can never fully understand and know the inner workings of the Google algorithm. I know it changes all the time and so I really need somebody I can count on to stay on top of all that stuff so that I can worry about things like patient care. Let me outsource the Google part of it to experts who work with it on a daily basis, and know intimately whats involved with achieving high ranking on Google search.”

“60-80 New Patients a Month!”

Chris Hawkins, DDS

Practicing Dentist
Burleson, Texas

“LSFD has taken a lot of effort out of trying to market my practice. In five of seven months last year, we collected over $90,000. One month, it was over $100,000. And I’m a one-doctor practice. I’ve had these incredible months where I’m seeing 60-80 new patients a month. I can’t keep up with the demand; it’s great!”

“I am top ranked in almost every category one could think of”

Richard B. Dunn, DDS

Practicing Dentist
Elmira, New York

“Local Search for Dentists® has helped me in a number of different ways in my market place, and I am top ranked in almost every category one could think of. As I’ve added new disciplines into our practice, we’ve gone and included those in those rankings.Local Search for Dentists® helps me get new patients because what we are finding more and more is that people are going onto the internet the market is becoming more competitive. Patients just front come to us because we are hanging a sign out front, and so we find other than a direct referral from an existing patient that our mass referrals come from the internet.”

“Local Search For Dentists® helps me sleep better at night.”

Eric Compton, DDS

Practicing Dentist
Munster, Indiana

“Local Search For Dentists® always lets me sleep better at night, because they are always on top of everything. They are always fresh to market, they seem to see the trends, see whats happening. I know Graig and his gang at Local Search For Dentists® are gonna have my back and are working for me 24/7.”

“You couldn’t find a better team to have in your corner!”

Richard B. Dunn DDS, PC & Tracy DeMark

Practicing Dentist & Dental Assistant
Elmira, New York

“Before working with Graig Presti and his team, we had zero internet presence with poor and inconsistent rankings on Google as well as the other search engines. Within a few short weeks of Graig working on this for our dental practice, by using multiple “keyword”, general listings and geographical search techniques we now experience consistent rankings in the # 1 or 2 position. As the public continues to use the internet preferentially over newspapers, yellow-pages and other print media this consistent internet presence is vital to the continued growth health and expansion of our businesses. Already we are seeing a dramatic rise of new patients in our office from internet search activity…Graig and his team are super responsive, smart and utilize the latest technologies in their work. You couldn’t find a better team to have in your corner!”

“They do great work, and I am ecstatic about the results!”

Kevin Flood, DDS

Practicing Dentist
Grand Rapids, Michigan

“I use Local Search For Dentists®. It’s a great company. When I first started I was on page five on Google search, I’m now on page one on spot three. I get great patients, they do great work. I’m ecstatic about the results, and I highly recommend you use them. Its a no brainer.”

“They truly have my best interests at heart.”

Larry Stroud, DDS

Practicing Dentist
Louisville, Kentucky

“The service is excellent with LSFD. I definitely feel like I can trust them. They truly have my best interests at heart.” -Larry Stroud


“Tennessee Dentist Dominates!”

Robert J. Gallien, DDS

Practicing Dentist
Chattanooga, TN

“After years of working with SEO, Pay per Click, and any other medium to help promote my website, I have finally found the one that works BEST, Local Search For Dentists® powered my Graig Presti and his crew! I have always wanted to dominate the Internet and when I talked with Graig and found out what he was doing it was a perfect fit to get me where I wanted to be in Google. Since working with Local Search For Dentists®, my name shows up at the top of the map on the most common dental searches that potential patients will type in. Thanks Graig, working together I know we will continue to dominate! BTW did I mention how fast we got to the top? We have only been working together for a few months!!!! Great Job!”


“Texas Dentists Continues To Own The Internet”

Dr. Suzan Furney


“Vancouver Dentist Dominates”

Mike Jensen, D.M.D.