Beyond The Chair™ Episode #3: “The RIGHT WAY To Set Goals & The One Thing You Must Avoid If You Want To Reach Them”

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This week, we to focus on the RIGHT WAY to set goals.

We’ll go over details such as:

  • Why goal setting as it’s normally practiced by Dentists is just “WISHFUL THINKING”.
  • Why trying to set goals by yourself is the WORST thing you can do!
  • How setup realistic expectations, and then blow past your goals
  • How to properly involve (or NOT) your team and get feedback from key players
  • Understanding the ebbs/flows of goal setting
  • Why EVERYTHING you want in your practice is ATTAINABLE, if you do this ONE THING!

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Graig: Let’s talk a little bit about setting goals in terms of those numbers and then what that looks like after that point and I presume you set a production goal and an overhead goal and a new patient goal for yourself every month and you recommend that. So talk a little bit about what those things need to be and what you probably want to write down and focus on.

Chris: I think a great place to start when you’re setting these goals is to actually involve the rest of the team as well. This is a great opportunity to help keep everyone accountable for whatever it is that you’re looking to grow and whether it’s new patients that month and therefore there’s marketing systems and the conversations that you have, whether it’s improving the patient experience and then that you say metrics are well let’s see that there’s positive reviews being left online or however else you choose to measure that, whatever it is you’re looking to improve upon, I would not make these decisions in a castle by yourself, involve the team and whether you’re reviewing these on a monthly or quarterly basis whichever semiannual, annual basis whatever’s appropriate for what you’re looking to change, involve the team. Whether it’s the entire team or just keep players like the office manager whoever you have, I think that helps.

First of all, get great feedback from the people that are going to be a major part of seeing this plan through but also keep everyone responsible in terms of their performance for making sure that this works. You need to have that feedback, you shouldn’t just be thinking of these things in a bubble by yourself.

Graig: Yes, and then you can have your check in points where the team is aware of ‘hey we’re this much beyond our goal or we’re behind our goal this much’ and you can hit the gas or really, you really don’t want to laugh the gas in a certain capacity issues but maybe understanding the abs and flows of those things.

I can tell you from personal experience another thing you could run it by is consult with other people that are not within your business, because I think we all get blinders on and while I think it’s appropriate and healthy to involve the team and to review it critical no argument there, I think you also need to get an outsider’s viewpoint.

So that’s part of, when we help people we do a full diagnostic because when you’re at your goals, we want to know OK, is that really just pie in the sky stuff or is that actually realistic because we can look at your marketplace and understand how competitive it is, who’s getting majority of the patients. So if you’re doing $900,000 in production in the year prior and you want to get to like two million the next year, well we better have a very healthy strategic plan in place to reach such a crazy goal and a lot of times we have to sort of throttle that back but the good part about that is we throttle back to realistic expectations and then we say OK well that’s a really good goal, now let’s have a plan in place.

I think you would agree with this, part of the goal angle of it is we can write down anything we want on a piece of paper and say it’s a goal but until we actually have a plan in place for every single month we need to hit this number to get to that goal and then we don’t have say marketing systems, cost benefit analysis going on to get there, it really doesn’t work the way that you think it would work and I think a lot of folks have that idea in their head that they set this goal and it is going to magically happen.

So I think making sure you have those plans in place to reach that is helpful.

Chris: That’s a great point. So it’s not just involving your own dental team but also seeking that outside expert advice from C.P.A.’s, from an attorney, from people like yourself depending on what those goals are. Being able to successfully run a business doesn’t mean you just magically know all the answers to how to do things. It’s consulting with experts like yourself to help you realize those goals and you help bring us in a little bit too.

So if we are expecting like your example, over one hundred percent growth in a year from say nine hundred thousand to two million, well we may need to reign that in a little bit and have more realistic expectations.

Goals are interesting. I want them to be realistic, if anything maybe just a little bit beyond, just a little bit of a reach because if they’re really unrealistic then that can get a little depressing, if you feel like you’re never hitting these targets for you and the team, it has the opposite effect, it’s demotivating I think.

So you have of course expertise by seeing so many different practices and someone like yourself is very invaluable in that regard to say ‘hey look here’s what everyone else is doing in areas like yourself and here’s what I think is actually a realistic target, maybe it’s even higher than what we think.

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