“Beyond The Chair” (Part 2 of 2): “Why Your Practice Is Not Consistently Growing & Feeling Like Your Constantly 1 Step Forward & 2 Steps Back”

Welcome to our new series, “Beyond The Chair”. We discuss issues facing the modern small practice owner, and how to stay competitive in your market. Our discussion this week focuses on running your business.

This week, here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Why direct mail and email are both effective when used properly, and why any claims they are “dead” are flat out lies.
  • Why it’s so critical to NEVER let bad experiences with former service providers affect your judgement on marketing as a whole, and why your practice is doomed if you don’t change your thinking.
  • Why “taking action” on this ONE THING is critical to making your practice more profitable.
  • And much MUCH more…

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Transcription of Part 2:

Benjamin: You’ve heard us now talk about direct mail. There’s a technique that a lot of the gurus use to get your attention and that is to say well, “This is dead, email is dead, direct marketing is dead.”

Graig: “Direct mail is dead.”

Benjamin: Excuse me, direct mail is dead, or whatever. Honestly, that is just to get your attention and to get you thinking that they know what they’re talking about. We’re here to say as marketers, we use all of these things and we have success on various levels with all of them.

Graig: And our clients do too.

Benjamin: Yeah.

Graig: Agreed. And that’s why I’m a big proponent of you know, we mainly focus on online. I mean, we do have offline systems that people use. You need to do everything in your power — offline, online — in your business to garner more new patients. So, if it’s working do it, and then figure out how to either do it better or do more of it.

I think that’s critical. That’s why we have a tool — the marketing calendar — that people run offline but we also have our online system and those two things together are very powerful because they sort of feed off each other.

But I think the underlying theme in all of that is when it comes to marketing is doing nothing is a very, very slippery slope, and a lot of times we have conversations with people who call us up and want to work with us, or just want to inquire about our services. [We talk to them] and there’s some pretty big gaping holes in terms of they’re losing money, competition is stiff, they need to do something and there’s so much indecision there as to taking action. That is it; they don’t watch this, you just take action with them but average is just getting out there doing something.

Benjamin: Yeah.

Graig: And part of marketing and part of the business is going to not really go great, right? There’s going to be failures, there’s going to be bumps in the road. But you should have to turn your head and go, “You know what? I hired X.Y.Z. Marketing Firm and it just didn’t work for me, but that’s OK. That was part of the risk going in and I’m going to a move on over here.” But what you CAN’T do is you can’t drag that baggage from that other relationship with that other agency or company into the future endeavors because that’s going to pollute your mind and you will not be able to make good decisions.

That indecision becomes very, very dangerous because, you end up doing nothing.  You know the folks who have really bad experiences with a bad dentist, right? They’re now scared out of their minds because of the really bad experience. That negative anchor that they have with that; you wouldn’t want them going into that relationship with you, viewing you just like they view the bad dentist right? You would want them to say, “Hey listen — I understand what happened and that’s totally fine. But we’re over here taking care of you. Just forget about that.”

Unfortunately, there are a lot of marketers who are sort of predatory in the dental industry, who take advantage of dentists in sort of the fact that they don’t understand every nook and cranny of marketing. Sometimes they can get “snake oil-y” a little bit and, but then there’s also good companies who do good things that maybe didn’t work, but that doesn’t mean you stop doing all marketing.

I think, when it comes to that and you understand business is business, some things go good, some things go bad, but that’s what makes the great business people, right, is the people who do something, doesn’t work, pick themselves up back by the bootstraps and they go back out and they do something else.

I think that’s critical and the reason I say all these things is because we have a lot of market research, because there are so many conversations with so many dentists, a large percentage of people come to us who will just flat out say listen, “I’ve had a bad experience with marketers, I don’t like marketing companies or I hired blah blah blah and it was not real good, so I need to think about this for six months or I need to think about this for three months.”

I’m not saying you don’t think about it but, you are dragging that baggage into a relationship that are apples and oranges, the new company you’re talking to has nothing to do with the old company.

Now you learn some things, but you can’t be so indecisive that you end up doing nothing you’d still take action and I think you know making those good decisions based on that is critical.

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Graig Presti
CEO Local Search For Dentists® A 4X Inc 500/5000 Approved Dental Marketing Agency

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