“Beyond The Chair” (Part 1 of 3): “The Rules Of Implant Dentistry Have Changed…Learn How To Get ALL Implant Patients In Your Town To Call YOUR OFFICE FIRST!”

Welcome to this week’s episode of “Beyond The Chair”, where discuss issues facing today’s dental practice owner, and how to stay competitive in your market.

Our discussion this week focuses on how to Attract More Pre-Qualified Implant Patients.

This week (part 1 of 3), here’s what you’ll learn:

  • A bulletproof strategy to attract a flood of implant patients each and every month
  • How the top-performing doctors are attracting all those cases
  • How to inoculate price and overcome objections so you help serve more implant patients in your market
  • And MUCH much more…

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Transcription of Part 1:

Benjamin: Hi, welcome back. My name is Benjamin Portnoy; I am the Director of Marketing for Local Search for Dentists. Here is Graig Presti, the CEO of Local Search for Dentists, and today, here in Graig’s backyard, we were talking about implant dentistry and how to attract implant patients.

Graig: Yeah.

Benjamin: So, very loaded topic, here. Why don’t you start–?

Graig: Yeah, it is a loaded topic, yeah. I mean, another great day here in Austin. We’re lucky to have absolutely perfect weather like 99% of the time, so that’s why we’re doing it outside – get some fresh air. But yeah, I think implant dentistry– I mean, it’s a hot topic, because I feel like this is a topic that is one that is cloaked in mystery in most circles of dentistry.

Benjamin: The Batman of dentistry.

Graig: Yeah, it is, because it’s one of those things where the ones that are doing a large amount of implant cases per year, you know, the five hundred to a thousand cases per year practices, they really have it honed in, but to the others who are just getting onesie, twosies, people popping up, existing patient, missing tooth, we do an implant, we move on, we have no system for attracting them on a regular basis and really nurturing those people, so we get more of those larger transaction size cases. I think they view those other folks who get those five hundred to a thousand cases as, like you said, like Batman. It’s like, “What in the world are they doing over there?”

Benjamin: Right.

Graig: And in some instances, there’s negative connotations to them, right? This, “Oh, well, they’re the slick salesperson dentist, with the closing scripts, and they’re doing only mini implants,” and they view them as sort of snubbing their nose at them a little bit, but there’s that mystery of how are they really doing it? Because you’re not in their business, you don’t really know what they’re saying to folks.

Benjamin: And you can analyze the outside of it, what you see as far as marketing on all of that, but you don’t know what’s actually going on.

Graig: Yeah, you’re seeing 1% of what’s really happening. You’re seeing that–

Benjamin: The top of the iceberg.

Graig: Yeah. You’re seeing that lead generation thing, that top of the iceberg, but below is just this entire system that they utilize that sort of– I guess, and I think it’s cloaked in mystery and I don’t think it needs to be. I think when it comes to attracting more implant patients on a consistent level, I think it’s like anything: there needs to be a system behind it. And you know, we have an implant marketing system that we offer to our folks and it does extremely well, and there are others who’d have big case presentation things that do a good job, too. Point of this is not to sell you on our system, but to tell you that you can put a system in place that attracts these people that inoculates price, pre-educates them on the process, and gets them in front of you in a way that allows them to accept treatment and say yes on a more regular basis. And let’s face it, the more you can do that, the more people you help.

Benjamin: It’s not just about you as the doctor; it’s about that you’re actually serving people.

Graig: Yeah, it’s about serving the people, and obviously there’s money attached to it, but that’s because the value’s so great of an implant. I mean, there’s a reason why people hate their dentures missing teeth, so on and so forth, is because they’re frustrated by it; they want their life back. And I think right now, you look at the implant market as a whole and you have a lot of things happening right now where the general population is being more educated on implants than they ever been in the past. You have Clear Choice Dental, which is a large corporate implant practice that Sunday morning, Saturday morning, there’s an hour commercial that they bought that they’re educating the public on, that you’re frustrated with your smile, and really selling them on the idea that implant procedures are they way to go, and they’re driving them to a consultation, which then puts them into their practice, not the solo dentists. But you can use that to your advantage, right? Because now we have the internet, which is amazing, because the largest demographic of growing people searching on the internet are the baby boomers; are fifty-five to sixty-five, even older, who now they use the internet regularly. You go into any restaurant and you can see grandma and grandpa on their iPhones, it’s very, very, very common. They want to text the grandkids, they want to be able to feel safe. So right now, when it comes to the implant portion of things, you have more tools in your tool belt than you’ve ever had before, and the market is aware of it. A lot of people know what an implant is versus not knowing, maybe five years ago, there just wasn’t the media to educate them, so you can sort of piggyback that media.


Benjamin: So, what are some ways to do that? You talk about– that you can piggyback on it, you can sort of leverage what they’re doing. What’s a way to get started with that?

Graig: I mean, like I always say, I feel like a broken record with it, but it all starts with Google. It all starts with Google, because– especially when you’re dealing with such a high transaction size patient who has a problem that they want fixed, highly emotional purchase, they need to feel like you’re the best dentist in the world, because they’re going to be A, investing a lot of money, and then B, they’re putting their health in your hands and they want to feel trusted with that. So, if they’re sitting down Saturday morning and they see an infomercial from Clear Choice here in Austin, for example, well, they may not necessarily call Clear Choice right away. They’re most likely, and the ninetieth percentile tells us, going to go to Google and research implant dentists in their area. Now, Clear Choice may be one of those facilities, but they’re going to be looking for those specific dentists in their area that really serve their need as well. So, my point to that is this: if Mary hates her dentures, sees a commercial, goes to Google, is going to research, because she’s really going to commit to getting implants and really wants to look into it, because she’s just so frustrated with her current situation, well, she wants to make sure that you have five-star Google reviews, are there video testimonials from other implant patients saying how it didn’t hurt, it was easy, it was affordable, you made the process simple, you took care of them before, during, and after, hearing it right from the patient’s mouth? Now, if they go there and there’s an empty house, they feel deflated. They’re not calling. I’m sorry; they’re just not calling.

Benjamin: Empty house meaning no reviews, very poor presence, you can’t find anything, it should be super simple–

Graig: No branding. Yep.

Benjamin: Yeah.

Graig: Yep. You should look like– you should put your best foot forward. You should look like you are the best implant dentist in your city, period, because perception is reality with those things, because it’s an expensive procedure. But if you want your case presentation to be better and you want treatment to be accepted more readily, you have to have that Google house in order: the reviews, the videos, the branding, and all that stuff, because without that trust, no one is going to pay you five, ten, fifteen, twenty thousand dollars to do work on them if they don’t feel that warm, fuzzy, “Wow, you’re really going to take care of me,” without question.

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