Google Killed Your Practice Listing

Google has taken your listing and removed it. That’s right! Gone! This is absolutely ground breaking stuff your about to read…When I read this I couldn’t believe it myself, so I just had to share it. I guarantee your competition has ZERO clue about what I’m about to show you…
At least not until they read this post 🙂

Google is potentially changing the way prospective patients view your dental practice’s website in search results on the main pages for searches like “dentist in Chicago”. Google is making your website search engine optimization (SEO) completely irrelevant . It’s all about Google Maps!! They’ve realized that 86% of people are now searching online for local businesses and now are making Google Maps the only option for online domination and new patient attraction for your dental practice.

Below are some screen shots of the what is happening right now for the Front Page of Google!!!


Some of the things that are changing are pretty revolutionary in terms of how people now see searches on Google…Now the link to your Local Dental Practice Page is marked much clearer, which gives you better exposure online for Dental Practices in Google Places/Maps and it’s showing the description from the web site, just like current searches.

Plus, as you move down the page the map scrolls with you. This means that even when you are at bottom of page the map moves down and shows on the right. 7 true listings are the only ones showing and almost all are directories or citations. Now to get on the Top 2 search results you need to be in Google local business directory listings… and now searches are pushed WAY at the bottom of the pg!!

Google is clearly doing this to provide the prospective patient with absolutely no need to leave Google’s main page. Therefore making your website less and less valuable as a new patient attraction tool. They are truly becoming a one stop shop for their users, and this means people will no longer need to visit your website!!!

You won’t believe it… the map follows you as you scroll!!!
AND Check this one out…All 7 local listings are on top.
Only 4 regular listings are on the bottom of the page!


You are probably asking “what does all this mean to my practice?” Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the paid for online advertising and SEO and/or Website company that you may have hired to get you to the top of Google, is now money NOT well spent. Sorry, but Google Maps is where you’re going to be getting new patients, not yellow pages, not print media, but online local map listings. This is going to change the way you attract patients, online and offline…so anyone who doesn’t have their practices claimed on Google maps and done properly of course (only 11% of dental practices actually do!) .. is never going to make it in this “new era” of dentistry.

Google is constantly changing and testing the way they do things….we are always changing our strategies and studying new ways to keep clients at the top! If you’d like to learn more about how to claim your listing before your competition beats you to the punch..shoot us a question and email

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