Get More Patients w/ Google Tags

Google is now offering Dentists a killer new advertising option and its only $25 a month!

Google Tags makes your Dental Practice listing on Google Maps stand out from your competition. These Tags can be used to highlight a particular aspect of your practice such as new patient offers, before and afters, coupons, videos, teeth whitening or your dental website.

So what are Google Tags?

Tags are yellow markers that allow Dental Practices to promote important aspects of their services. Prospective or existing patients scroll over tags on Google or click on the sponsored link to view coupons, photos, or other select features. Here are a few of the cool benefits of Google Tags:

* Get more patients by promoting features that make your practice unique
* Stand out on the “7 Pack” and improve the number of clicks to your website
* Control your marketing budget with a $25/month flat fee

It is important to note that Tags do not affect the rank of search results; they simply add more information when a particular prospective patient is searching for a Dental Practice. But remember that you MUST be currently listed and claimed on the Google Map to participate, so if you’re interested in reviewing your current situation online …shoot us a comment below.

This is what one could look like if you opt’d into using Tags.