Your Practice Is Breaking Google’s Rules

You may find you have multiple listings on Google – some you may have created and some you may not have created.

Click on this link below and then do three seperate searches. Simply enter the address for your practice, phone number, doctors name, then click “Search Maps”. Look to the left under “Selected businesses at this address:”. If you have more than one doctor or practice listing under this one address, then you are Breaking the rules of Google and could be on the verge of being “punished” or deleted from the Search Engine.. and need to fix this ASAP.

BUT before you do anything make sure that you review the proper steps to fix these listings, so that you don’t lose links, reviews and search engine power rankings!!! You want to combine those listings because that’s going to give you more staying power over time. Make sure to follow the policies for Google and figure the exact steps of how to merge them properly because it violates their policies if you have many multiple listings under one address. Oh and one more word of warning…make sure to continually check this address because these duplicate listings can and will pop up on a weekly and monthly basis without your knowledge!

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  1. I have only 1 listing but my landlord who I share my office with has 2 separate listings for his practice. There is also another tenent with a listing for the same address. Any problem with this? Thanks

    • Great questions jeff! i am addressing this specifically on Thursday’s call, it is a complicated answer. will you be attending? there will be a Live Q & A.

  2. Ihave a listing under my phone and name but under the address another dentist is listed with his address palced ta the street location of my office. How do I correct this?

  3. Basically, the same question….there is a another dentist that was located at our current office still listed at this address. How do we correct this. I tried to get her name off but haven’t been successful.

    • ginger, sorry got to this post late. have you achieved you goal of correcting it? if you have more than one listing it’s most likely hurting you on Local Search. Google is really cracking down on this, as you may have seen in the news.

  4. I don’t see the category for Selected Businesses at this Address; however, I have one Google listing under doctor name and one under the practice name. Do I need to merge them? If so, how do I do it?

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