The Darkside Of Dentistry EXPOSED!

Wow…this is causing some chaos…and you need to check it out.
Last week, I decided to take on the Darth Vaders of Dentistry…and expose them. You may not know what “the DarkSide” is…so let me explain.

The Dark Side is preventing you from making you more money, because it is contaminating the entire profession with foolish, inaccurate, and scarcity thinking.

They are spreading lies: telling people that all they need to do is be “good”…and patients will come in droves! They are teaching the same stuff that they taught 20 years ago…and telling you to stay the course…things will change. (WRONG Advice!)

They are telling people NOT to market or sell dentistry…or having ‘ethical’ conversations over ‘how to do it w/ integrity’. The fact that you even have to have a conversation about integrity…makes me question…the integrity of the person. (more on this at

Listen, the name of the game is marketing, selling, and keeping patients for life! PERIOD!

HOW you do it…is VERY important!

For example, these docs or consultants that tell you NOT to sell…don’t know how to sell. When ‘selling’ is done properly 3 things should occur:

1.  When the patient is fully educated…and feels confident. Price is less of an issue… “Why?” because they
understand the benefits, dangers of not moving forward, and have the ability to make a BETTER decision.

2. ZERO external pressure is put on the patient. Pressure is put on a patient when staff and doctor are trying to hit their production goals…and aren’t skilled.

Listen, this is one topic that I’m extremely passionate about…and if you’ve been at one of my private webinars…you’ve heard me talk about it. Using language…and speaking at a very high level is an art. It’s one that needs to be practiced…and repetitively improved on. Think about this: every person who communicates to your team is actually ‘presenting’ every day to over a dozen people who need help.

Yet…how much communication, presentation, and sales training have they done?

By the way, training and sitting in a seminar room and listening are two completely different things. ANSWER: probably less than 2 hours their entire life

Now, make sure you don’t take this personally…because it’s not here to make you feel bad. I’m finally breaking my silence and exposing the entire profession…especially the B.S. statements these wanna-be consultants are teaching or not teaching.

Here’s the reality:
if your production is down or stagnant…then you are not alone… HOWEVER, accepting that as your fate is DARK SIDE THINKING!

Here’s 1 thought to ponder about your entire new patient experience, the team member who refuses to study, train, and do what you tell her/him to do. “2 years ago, you could’ve been average, half asleep…or working 3 days a week- and you had patients coming in accepting treatment, pay upfront…and you could’ve been making some decent money!”

Now- In order to get GREAT results in this crazy (and opportunistic) economy…you and your team MUST be impeccable!” Your goal: to create a well-oiled, precise, and motivated team that ensures every patient who walks through your door experiences the ‘same exact thing’. This is the only way to create predictability.

Bluntly: if they aren’t willing to be trained or improve…get rid of them. They are seriously affecting your income…and you’d be better off with less people…than 1 person who isn’t on board.

3. Patients are appreciative and send their friends!

When ‘selling’ and marketing are done correctly…this is the ultimate end-game. We want happy patients who send their friends! NOT becoming excellent at these skills…prevents the same docs who are ‘trying’ to be ethical and full of integrity from experiencing these kind of results.The reality is that the most ethical and integrity driven thing you can do is learn how to create a world-class practice, how to promote it, how to sell it…and by doing so…you help more people and get them healthy…thus creating a prosperous life.

You must stay away from anyone who is going to tell you that you can’t make more money NOW! That selling and marketing is bad! That all you need to do is get more clinical training…or even worse: “all you need to do is get your name out there.”

My final thoughts: the world is an abundant place with money that is out there waiting for someone to go out there and capture it. I, personally, know dozens of my clients who are experiencing RECORD MONTHS NOW…while others are sinking quickly.

The ones who are sinking quickly bought into the dark side…while the “record month club” are ignoring all that crap. They are training their staff…they are doing special programs for their existing patients…they are marketing and selling consistently…and they are committed to making this year their best year ever.

Please understand…your thinking is where it all starts. If you are blocking yourself from making more money…because you keep telling yourself foolish thoughts…then shake yourself and say “WAKE UP!”

If you want to use some of the actual strategies my “record month club” clients are using to grow a prosperous practice Go NOW to

That’s it for now…Go Do Something Great!

Graig Presti
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