2 Google Local Search Tips

I get A LOT of emails asking me what are some tricks to get to the top of the Google Local Map.

Well there are no tricks, despite what you may hear out on the web from other sources and FYI some of those tricks may get you banned from Google so don’t just jump into your listing and start changing things without a “Google approved” plan. Make sure you read the Google Policies and Procedures for everything you do, and be aware they change CONSTANTLY! So make sure you read up. It’s sometimes a pain to keep up, but well worth keeping your listing from being banned.

Well here are two super simple things you can do.

1- Key word research- go to https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal
and research what people are searching for in a dentist in your local area. Once you see what people are looking for put those keywords in the last 4 categories on Google and then make sure the description on the Local Directories(Citations) you are submitting to contains these keywords as well. What ever you do…DO NOT put these keywords in your business title …that is a sure fire way to get you removed from Google. If they are in there get them out FAST and put your real place of business in there.

2- VIDEO! that’s right video. Go out shoot some video, or use some that you already have, and create a Youtube Channel for your practice. Load the videos on the channel, and then post those videos on your Google Places Page. You can load up to 5, ideally you want all 5 but just get something posted.

Something is better than nothing, that is why we start our clients out with 3 videos and then blast
them out all over the web.

Hope this helped, shoot your comments and questions below!

PS- here’s a link Click here for Google Policies