Beyond The Chair™ Episode #5: “How To Lay The Foundation For Case Presentation & Acceptance, So Patients Don’t Feel “Sold To”

Welcome To This Brand New, Original Series Featuring 3 Dental Marketing Leaders In An Uncensored, No-Holds-Barred Discussion That Cuts Through Misinformation & Confusion, Providing The Clarity You Desperately Need For Marketing Your Practice The Right Way, Right Now

In this edition of our groundbreaking series, Beyond The Chair, our discussion turned to Case Presentation & Acceptance. This topic is one was something we hear about all the time; “How do I set the stage so that my patients are receptive and don’t feel ‘sold to’?”

Dr. Salierno especially had some groundbreaking suggestions.

  • What is “educational selling” and why it can make all the difference when it comes to case presentation
  • Why good marketing brings people in for specific procedures
  • How to stay top of mind in your patient’s mind when something goes wrong, versus “popping a question” and getting sideswiped
  • How to avoid your patients feeling put on the spot, leading to greater case acceptance

This one video alone could MASSIVELY improve your bottom line. 

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Graig: What are your thoughts on just a little bit about that in terms of making sure you actually have vehicles that drive those specific cases, whether it’s implants or sleep or whatever it may be?

Chris: When I have a patient that just comes to my practice for a checkup, happy to welcome that new patient and sometimes hoping that they walk through the door works and then I’ll tell them about ‘oh you know we can do something for that missing tooth or the missing teeth’ and sometimes they’re like ‘oh that would be great’ in many cases that’s not what brought them in, they’re here for a checkup here and so they say it’s been like that for a while, I’m ok.

So that’s fine, I’m happy to treat those folks and educate them but that’s not necessarily what brought them in but with great marketing efforts that educate people, we are either grabbing them wherever they are on Facebook, online and letting them know there’s an option or we’re capturing the people that are searching for these answers; and now we’re bringing someone in with a specific purpose. They already have a desire to have this procedure, the service done; well we are coming from a much different position than now trying to generate that interest into someone that was just here for a checkup.

So absolutely through word of mouth and getting new patients in the door, you can hope and you will be able to provide that service for patients but I think you’ll see a spike in the number of families are doing when you’re appealing to the people that are actively looking for that service.

Graig: Right, and I think especially with the advent of the Internet, when someone goes to their smartphone or they go to their desktop, whatever they’re typing in is their intention. They’re putting in words that’s in their head to fix their problem and to paint your picture on the other side of the difference between someone who just came in for a cleaning who isn’t in total shock maybe when you say we could fix the issue with an implant or whatever it may be is when someone is coming in with that intention, they are more qualified, they’re more educated and they’re choosing someone; they’re making a decision with someone and I think that’s where putting your best marketing foot forward, you want to be top of mind, you want to be having your Google Adwords show up, you want to have your views present, you want to be where they are and that way when they come in, they’re less likely to be talking about price, shopping you around; they’ve come in with the idea that I feel real comfortable with all of this, let’s get this going as opposed to getting hit out of left field and I mean that applies to any business.

It’s like getting your car fixed. You go in for an oil change and they come out oh by the way you need new brakes, new muffler, and a new belt and you’re like ‘oh my’ that’s like three grand. Same thing with a patient who comes in who just thinks they’re come in for a simple checkups and then they get sideswiped with this huge problem that’s expensive and invasive and they’re just like what just happened to me and they lock up, and I’m sure you see this in your practice; they lock up, you give them a case presentation, you give them a quote, you send them home and they never fix the problem.

Chris: Yes or they do it piece meal. You’re starting from a tougher point when you have a new patient. It’s always tough, dentists know. When a new patient comes to our office especially if they haven’t been to a dentist in a long time, they may have an idea that there’s something wrong but the real tough spot is if they have been seeing someone and they just thought of the dentist wasn’t diagnosing perhaps as much as they could have proactively.

So now it’s a tough position to say to someone when you first meet them; ‘Hi, nice to meet you, this is going to cost five, ten thousand dollars to fix problems that you didn’t even know you had’ and that’s a challenge and we can get there in time through education, through compassion and that’s part of the job, but my goodness there are those patients out there that know they have problems, they just don’t know that you exist yet, so help them find out that you exist, that you’re compassionate and you can educate them further about their options or much more to use a business on a marketing term a qualified lead again would like to consider patients in that regard but that’s the correct term. You get a much more qualified lead to come into that practice, you’re right they’re less focused on the finances; they’re not looking at this service as a commodity. They know they have a problem, they’re searching for the solution and here you are to offer it to them.

Graig: Yes and that can go into…it can go into sleep, T.M.J. any of those different – even cosmetic cases and things like that, there are people who are going to technology with an intention to make a buying decision and the numbers support that. I think the statistic is upwards of eighty six percent are whoever do a local search online make a buying decision from that search.

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