Survey Reveals That Dentists Hold Negative View of Dental Service Organizations (DSOs)

Over the last decade, as the only 4-time Inc. 500/5000 approved dental marketing agency in the industry, here at Local Search For Dentists® we have taken pride in helping the “little guy” win the big fight against the corporate raiders! It can be done, but you must take my advice accordingly….

Every industry evolves and changes, and dentistry is no exception. Over the last several years, I’ve seen more practices get buried than I’d care to admit. Most of them coming to me asking for help, but it was just too late.

Whether getting steamrolled by corporate behemoths or blindly relying on outmoded and obsolete business strategies, like “word of mouth” only marketing, especially when younger millennial dentists are investing heavily in Google, paid online ads, the internet and cutting-edge technology. Meanwhile, the “old guard” continues to just drag on with the same ol’ dusty new patient strategies.

Too many doctors believe that
“What used to work will keep me successful forever”.

The undeniable truth is that our industry has changed, and does so every day. Doctors who have “old world” thinking are getting squeezed out daily (along with their beloved staff) and wind up closing their doors or selling their practice for WAY under market value just to stop the bleeding. This is proven by the fact that the Journal of the American Dental Association has reported that fewer dentists own practices now than a decade ago.

Recently, a poll of Dentist’s Money Digest® readers revealed that 77 percent of dentists held negative views of dental service organizations, saying that DSOs hurt dentistry. And in some industry circles, dentists are being called “sell outs” for bowing to the corporate gods.

The poll revealed that more than three-quarters of surveyed dentists believe that DSOs have a negative impact on the field of dentistry.

The bottom line is that dental service organizations and/or corporate dentistry are here to stay, they are backed by millions of dollars in the form of venture capital, and regardless of your feelings on the industry impact and as I’ve written in the past, they (and the other corp. raiders) want to steal your market share, your valuable patients and break you in half. Period. End of story.

They’re in business to answer to their shareholders by taking as much market share as physically possible. The worst part is that they don’t view YOU, the solo dentist, as a threat, mainly because they will outspend you with proven marketing systems, while you trot out “old and outdated” new patient acquisition strategies, like “word of mouth”, which is NOT marketing (or worse yet…you do NOTHING at all to attract more new patients!).

As you read this, you are losing patients to them, whether you realize it or not!

This is NOT a death sentence. I can help you fight this and win!

Don’t be the dentist who refuses to read the writing on the wall. You HAVE to adapt to changing times in order to stay in business. The bigger overall lesson here is “inaction and indecision”.  Remember more harm is done by indecision than bad decision.

It’s time to get your practice moving in the right direction and fight this corporate invasion! Do NOT be a stick in the mud, who refuses to change. This year can be that year for change. Let’s do it!

Let’s save this industry from its slow, lengthy undoing and raise it up to greatness again.

I want to help you put an action plan together to fight this.

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Graig Presti, MBA
CEO Local Search For Dentists® A 4X Inc 500/5000 Approved Dental Marketing Agency

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