Beyond The Chair™ Episode #10: “Google, Website Marketing & Dental SEO; What’s Working NOW”

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Just how radically search engine optimization (SEO) has changed since you last updated your website, and why doing it wrong can result in major Google penalties (dropping you way down in the rankings)
  • Definitions of the “3 pack“, the “6 pack” and why both have the power to pull in tons of new patient calls and emails (more than any old mailer or postcard)
  • Why the company that built your website should absolutely NOT be your SEO provider

This one video alone could MASSIVELY improve your bottom line. 

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Graig: Hi, thanks for joining us again on another episode of Beyond The Chair™. My name is Graig Presti and I’m founder and C.E.O. of Local Search For Dentists®;, a full service dental marketing agency and I’m joined by Dr. Joshua Austin who is a practicing dentist editor for Dental Economics Magazine and also a Local Search For Dentists®; client.

Thanks for joining me again. I have a really cool topic we’re going to talk about which I think we need to catch our viewers up on what is happening in the Internet Marketing space and what is to be considered a viable search engine optimization or as we coined it, S.E.O. and how things have really evolved from even ten years ago to now, it’s night and day.

So let’s talk a little bit about the difference between what that old school methodology was which used to be and quite frankly, we still hear it from prospective clients which is ‘oh, “I had my website designer or my website company build me a website” and their S.E.O again, and nine times out of ten that means that there’s just some phrasing on the website, keywords here and there and there’s really no technology backing that up.

I think ten years ago, you would just build that thing and it would just pop right up, where now Google is gone local, there’s a lot more complicated things that need be in place. I know you’ve had an evolution of a website over the years and I actually really do like your new current design, full disclosure, we didn’t design it but it’s well thought out. Just tell the story about when you first put your first site up and what worked then right and the evolution of that.

Josh: One thing that I notice now and I can get there, you can read websites and figure out pretty quickly if they’re sort of the old S.E.O algorithm going and a lot of that’s like, San Antonio dentist Joshua Austin who practices in San Antonio gives dental services to the citizens of San Antonio and it just uses the same key words over and over in a very non-conversational manner, and next thing you know it doesn’t sound like text, it sounds like…

Graig: Gibberish.

Josh: Jargon and gibberish and I think old Google, that was fine and it probably worked well but Google is constantly in a beta, so we just don’t know really from day to day what Google is going to change their algorithm to find important and so that’s why I think it’s important to team up with an agency who can be more on top of that.

A dentist tend to be by trade, by nature, we tend to like to do things ourselves. It’s part of why we like to be dentist. We like to sit and work on a project and do it, but if we’re not in that world every day, if we’re not working with Google on a daily basis, how can we know what changes from day to day, week to week, month to month, quarter to quarter or year to year? So I think that’s why it’s really important to work with a firm on something like S.E.O because it is going to be constantly changing for no other reason because Google is constantly changing.

Graig: Agreed. I don’t know the exact number because they don’t really disclose it but around nine hundred and some change times per year, the algorithm changes which is astronomical. They have M.I.T, Ph.D.’s who are genius mathematicians tweaking and moving, we don’t know all about every single change but we do know a lot about most of them and what works and what doesn’t.

I think a lot of practices still don’t have websites and they still are finding their way if they did build one and a lot of times you’ll go out and you’ll hire an agency to build the site and they’ll S.E.O. it which just means they throw in some key words on the page, not really doing anything after that; that doesn’t really do anything.

I think the doctor kind of feels comfortable that they made a decision that they’re now doing something with their website and you can get complacent with that, where we know now that the algorithm- S.E.O. is really just a in a way, a cliché term, it’s just a tool. It’s just like Google reviews, it’s just like videos. It’s just a tool to get you more traffic to an online property to hopefully eventually get some action which would be someone opting in, e-mailing you, messaging you or calling you and hopefully book an appointment; whereas I remember the early days where you could just drop a website and a few days, you’d be right there on page one.

That’s why the popular dental searches, if you notice now, Google’s not even featuring your website anymore. They’re featuring your local listing on Google, showing the maps with the three pack and that’s where Google understands consumer and user experience. That’s what it’s all about. It’s getting the most amount of people to enjoy the process, get viable information.

They know that local businesses tend to neglect to their websites. That’s just the fact of what it is. Does this fall in that category? They know people want to be able to click to a website but we want to provide other things which is where you are located, what are your hours? What are your businesses? Are you round? What are your reviews? If you do a simple search for yourself, you’ll see that to be true.

It’s to the point now where you don’t even need to click through into page one, I can read a snippet of your reviews just by scrolling on that home page. For us, we look at that and I’m sure you view it the same way is as your website evolves and you design it to become current with all the Google rules plus what looks good and operates, making sure it’s compliant with all of the standards that are out there including American with Disabilities Act and making sure everyone can access your site.

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