Learn How Jeff Dalin, DDS Is Breaking Onto The First Page Of Google After Only A Few Months WITHOUT Spending Thousands On Marketing!

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Dr. Dalin: After starting to use Local Search For Dentists®, things became more relaxing around here as far as figuring out what to do online. I’ve been involved with the Internet since dentistry started to get involved. But it was time to to branch out further and then I started thinking, “What do I do?”

Google is the only place I go. I don’t go searching everywhere I go to Google so when I started doing some serious research on who knows Google the best, that’s where Local Search For Dentists® came back. Their main area of concentration is Google; getting you positioned perfectly where you need to be and where you’re gonna rise up on their searches. And so to me it became a simple decision: go with the people that know Google the best.

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The LSFD people got us into more of a routine. It’s more of everybody knows exactly how to handle [reviews], and so that’s good as far as the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff.

That’s what LSFD is good at. They’ve gotten us into all the directories. They’ve got us positioned where we need to be and we’ve only been doing this just a couple of months. We’ve already seen our total Google reviews go up.

LSFD gives us very extensive monthly reports so we can see how we’re moving up the pages on the different searches on the different subjects. We’re now moving onto the first page of a lot of the different searches that people might look at when they’re searching for a dentist in St. Louis.

Hiring somebody to work with us; LSFD has taken a load off my back. It was all on me up until now. I had to figure out what Google did and which directories. It’s too much to handle… I mean there’s so many of them out there. LSFD takes care of all that for me. I don’t have to do any of that anymore.

Life is so much easier now that I brought another organization in to help out. (Smiling) My lunch hours are lunch hours now and no longer have to work over lunch. That was my time to get a lot done during lunch. It allows you to concentrate on other things because it’s just something off of your list of things to do.

If anybody would ever call me on the phone and say, “What company are using? What do you think of them? What are they like”…it would be a very simple answer: LSFD!

They concentrate on Google. They understand Google. They can stay on top of things as Google is changing things constantly.

I want the expert in this area, which is Local Search For Dentists®. They are the company that’s going to get me up the ladder on Google. That’s what motivated me to zero in on Google and zero in on the company that in my mind understands it the best.