Beyond The Chair™ Episode #9: “Millennials (Love’em or hate’em.) – The Future Of Your Practice Hinges On Dominating This Untapped Dental Market”

In this don’t-miss episode focused on why Dominating the Millennial Market is critical to securing your future success, you’ll learn:

  • Why this all-important generation can no longer be avoided or ignored
  • How their growing families are your next set of lucrative patients and referrals
  • Why typical pushy marketing or quirky offers will push them away
  • Why this common contact method is the absolute WRONG way to engage them and will drive them away. Conversely, this easy contact method is the best and fastest way to land them in your chair with their wallets out
  • Why your credentials and the letters after your name mean absolutely nothing, and why Google reviews are the key to reaching Millennials
  • How to set up your online social profiles and branding to catch Millennials’ attention and trust in the first 8 seconds
  • The right approach to social media, and why one simple misstep will destroy Millennial trust immediately

This one video alone could MASSIVELY improve your bottom line. 

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Graig: As we go along in this new economy, we have a generation that is controversial and I think controversial for some good reasons and some bad reasons but I’m a research stats guy so I like to live in real black and white area and that’s the millennial generation and I think they have brought a new economy upon all dental practices, really no matter where you are and they’re a bit of a quirkier consumer and not used to someone like myself or yourself, our buying patterns are different and right now they’re going to be 70 million strong, they’re going to outpace every other generation…

Josh: Millennials are now in their professional careers.

Graig: Having children too.

Josh:  Yes. They’re not just college students, they’re not just- they’re making their own healthcare decisions, they’re making their own insurance decisions. They need dental treatment. They can no longer be avoided or ignored as far as a demographic of your patients.

Graig: And I think that a lot of the dental industry is sort of brushing them off to the side thinking that well, they’re just teenagers or college kids but we’re not really there anymore. They’re going to start to have children and then those children are going to start to need to have care and so on.

So these are people that don’t respond well to heavy pushy marketing, they do not respond well to quirky offers, they are very loyal to a fault to brands in a way, like your Amazon’s and things like that and they don’t want to do some of the old-school stuff like they don’t want to talk on the phone, they don’t want to do these different things, they want to book appointments online.

So let’s talk a little bit about how we can attract more of those patients because really when we look at your online brand, I call it your Google house, that has to be pristine because if they see a chink in the armor…

Josh: They’ll sniff it out.

Graig: They’re gone, right?

Josh: Yes.

Graig: Because they will be loyal but you really have to have that perception as reality where you might be a really good dentist with a lot of credentials behind your name which to them means nothing. They want to know do you have video reviews, do you have your name in press releases, do you have enough of them.

Let’s talk a little bit about the intangibles of how we start to move our criteria to shift to that population that is going to be majority of the economy very soon and I know you probably see a lot of them being a gen xer.

Josh: I do. They’re definitely the crowd source generation. They look to the crowd’s opinion for a lot of things, whether it’s the music they buy, whether it’s the movies they consume like with Rotten Tomatoes, now becoming such a huge part of the movie industry. They are very eager to know what the sort of crowd thinks about something. So their first place that they look are review sites, whether that be Google or Yelp, that’s where they’re living.

Beyond that, then once they figure out this person is trustworthy, this person is honest, this person does good work, this is potentially a home for me for my dental care, medical care, whatever professional services you’re talking about, then they start to dig a little bit more, it’s more than that, then they want some of that personal interaction.

This is a generation of people who are used to being able to pick up their phone and tweet whatever celebrity in the world that they want to get their message to and be able to get that in front of that celebrity’s eyes, so interaction is really important with them and so you having your social profile set up to where you are sharing information and not just general information…

Graig: And have all the images and information filled out, don’t have it empty. Have it branded properly.

Josh: Absolutely. Have a great brain going, sharing personal information about the doctor and the team, those are all things that are very important to millennial. They want to feel a connection and have an interaction with somebody who’s going to be providing them with services.

As a gen xer, the idea of sending a tweet to my personal physician blows my mind. It’s just something I don’t identify with it at all, but it happens all the time that I will be reached out to over social media via a millennial who has a question about prospective treatment or sometimes it’s pictures of their teeth and their smile and they want an opinion on how to do this and that and that’s something that will never cross my mind to do but it’s their first or second or third impulse.

So just having your profiles, using them not just to sell but using them to let the world know what you’re about, why are you here? why are you doing what you’re doing? who is your team? Those sorts of things I think go a long way to making those connections with Millennials.

While Millennials are very quick sometimes to seek a deal, sort of the Amazon priming of dentistry, once they make that connection, that connection is pretty solid and they’re likely to stick with you throughout provided there’s a connection there.

So use all these methods, all these avenues. Make those connections, let the world know who you are, let they will know why you do what you do. The greatest asset you have as a dentist is the people that make up your team and yourself.

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