Beyond The Chair™ Episode #1: “Evolve Or Die: Is Your Dental Practice The Next Kmart or Amazon?”

Welcome To This Brand New, Original Video Training Series Featuring “3 Dental Marketing Leaders In An Uncensored, No-Holds Barred Discussion That Cuts Through Misinformation & Confusion, Providing The Clarity You Desperately Need For Marketing & Growing Your Practice The Right Way, Right Now!”

In this first episode, Dr. Chris Salierno, practicing dentist and Dental Economics’ Magazine Chief Editor and Graig Presti, MBA, Founder/CEO of 4X-Inc 500/5000 Dental Marketing Company, Local Search For Dentists® discuss:

  • How to attract high-quality patients and referrals in the New Dental Economy. Remain bulletproof against getting squeezed by insurance, DSO’s and corp dentistry and ensure the future security and success of your practice by attracting loyal fee-for-service patients.
  • The ONE THING that has changed in the dental industry that will impact when you retire and how successful you will be in the next 12-24 months.
  • The 2 economic factors that you need to know about if you plan on thriving in this NEW Dental Economy.
  • The ONE simple question that you should ask yourself to determine whether your practice is a Kmart or an Amazon, what the difference is, and are you prepared to adapt to changes as they happen (and yes, they WILL happen)
  • The counterintuitive reason WHY prospective patients are not choosing you as their go-to dentist and instead choosing your competition

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Graig: Hey, thanks for joining us on our first episode of Beyond The Chair. My name is Graig Presti and I’m C.E.O. of Local Search for Dentists® and we are a full service dental marketing agency and I have with me Dr. Chris Salierno who is a practicing dentist and also Chief Editor for Dental Economics Magazine.

So we bring this to you today to really kind of declutter the industry because there’s so much information, misinformation and confusion in the marketplace more so than I’ve seen in the last decade. So we wanted to bring you some really heavy hitting content that you can use in your practice every single day to de-clutter your life and have some real focus. So if you are watching this, feel free to take out a pen and paper and take some notes and we’re going to be bringing multiple episodes to you so you’re going to get a lot of information and Chris, thanks for doing this, it’s been great.

Chris: My pleasure.

Graig: Let’s not waste any time, let’s get right into the content of what we want to provide everybody. I think the industry as a whole has changed quite a bit and you and I have spoken about this in the past and there’s a lot of industry changes in terms of not only statistics, but consumer behavior and things like that.

Just recently, JADA came out with a study that talked about there are less dental practice owners now than there were a decade ago and like most things, it’s never one thing, it’s an amalgamation of a lot of things. So let’s break that down a little bit in terms of why we think that is and how we can help the modern dentist survive a lot of these trends that we’ve seen take down over the years. So what are your thoughts on that?

Chris: Yes, I read that study. It’s makes terrific sense when you combine it with some other data that’s come out recently which is to show of course that the rise of the D.S.O. as a viable practice model and that is a viable practice model for some dentists who choose to not have some of those managerial responsibilities that a practice owner has.

There’s a study came out a few years ago that showed that in 1992, almost 90% of the dental marketplace was made up of smaller practices with twenty or fewer employees, the mom and pops, the boutiques like myself and that as of 2012, that fell to about 80%, so about ten percent market share was gained by a larger practices.

It’s not a surprise, that came out few years ago, I’m not surprised to hear they now come up with research saying well fewer dentists are business owners but that makes sense, that goes hand in hand. Why that might be as really interesting, I think that there are dentists who are outstanding clinicians that just choose to not be business owners and that’s fine. There is now that other practice where they can choose to partner with the D.S.O. in whatever structure that may look like they’re not all created the same and that’s fine for them, but what I think is important take away is that, that doesn’t mean that the small boutique private practice is dying, it doesn’t mean that it’s going away, but there are other economic factors at play that have shown us that the game has changed.

Graig: Oh, tremendously.

Chris: And being in private practice is not the way it worked. It can’t be done as successfully as the way it was done more than ten years ago, that’s tremendous change in the past 10, 15 years and how a dentist should conduct their business.

Graig: And I think to your point, it doesn’t mean that it’s going away but I do think that it’s sort of an evolve or die kind of scenario and I think for me in particular, I view it because we are a full service Internet data marketing agency. I look at the trends in terms of how consumers behave with the advent of the Internet and I look at it as is your dental practice K.-Mart or the next Amazon? And I think that everyone watching this, you need to really let that soak in for a second because there was a day and age where K-mart was ruling the country, selling very affordable low priced household goods and clothing to the entire country and they were a staple on every corner in almost every city and now they’re invisible, they’re gone, they’re bankrupt and you look mainly because people with the click of a smartphone can now order their paper towels or order their lawn more if they want and I think everyone who consumes this video content needs to put their mind into what can I do in my business right now that puts me in a position to be more like Amazon than the outdated Kmart model, and I think to your point of you can’t practice like you did ten years ago especially with the advent of the Internet is that access to information to consumers has never been easier, quicker and more efficient and the buyers have changed; and that even goes to how you market your practice, how you brand your practice, the words you say when you answer the phone, all of those things add up to is this a cutting edge practice that invests themselves into training and technology because consumers are so wise now.

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