Learn How Dr. French Moore III has gotten 450+ Five-Star Google Reviews and More New Patients Than Ever, Even During The Covid-19 Pandemic!

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Dr. Moore: Well, I developed a love of dentistry because my dad and my granddad were dentists and our practice started in 1920. Then four years ago, I saw that I was not able to keep up with all that was going on. So I talked to Local Search For Dentists® about doing the Internet side of things and they’ve come through for me since the beginning.

We’re averaging about 350 calls tracked from the numbers — tracking numbers that you put out there; that’s 350 a month. We have probably over 400 (450+) Google reviews; more than any of the other dentists in our area and we’ve averaged 73 new patients a month after Covid.

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When we came back in May we were doing 90 new patients a month and they just have a confidence that we’re taking good care of them. We really have not had a slowdown at all. We’ve actually had our best four months after Covid.

Well, I was worried about Covid, about not having a patient flow when we came back in but we had our biggest month of new patients ever, and it was not just that one month. It just kept going and going and going for five months after that and by having the constant presence on the Internet, people are still searching. We haven’t haven’t seen a loss.

Well, I’ve always looked for the best way to keep up with marketing. I’m not a marketer, but I knew that the key was the pipeline of patients coming off the Internet. I didn’t know anything about it so I wanted to go to somebody that did know about it, and I wanted to have the right information but not have to study and figure out how to do it.

I feel like Graig and Derek and the guys at Local Search For Dentists® knew how to do it. I let the people that knew how to do it, do it for me. I really just turned it on and, besides going over the data every month, I don’t have to do anything. That’s all done for me and I like that.

If there are any tweaks that need to be made, suggestions will be given and then a sample of the ad or whatever will be sent to me for approval. Then it gets turned on.

I like the way it makes it easier for me because I don’t want to have to study those kinds of things. When Graig puts out a marketing piece, I’m going, “Oh my goodness, I didn’t think of that!” But he’s thought about that and as long as I stay updated with him, then that’s gonna have that piece of the puzzle covered.

I just knew I wanted a constant flow of new patients. I think the Internet, for dentists, is a scary place, because we just don’t know what we don’t know…and we don’t want to know. We wanted to be doing the surgery, we want to be working with our patients and we don’t want to be out there trying to figure out the formulas. The thing with Google is they keep changing those formulas and if you don’t have your finger on the pulse, then you don’t know what those changes are. You can be doing well one month and then there’s changes or you do something wrong and then that causes you to drop out of the top three. When people are doing those searches that are sending so many patients to us and we want to be at the top of that list. Every month when I get my report, there are screenshots on there showing us at the top of the list.

If I wasn’t working with Local Search For Dentists® then I would be worrying more about what I could do that I didn’t know to do.

I like to have a team working for me. Having Local Search For Dentists® that’s covering the Internet marketing…I tell you that Google and the Internet are the main answers that people have [about how they found us] if it’s not, “Well, my friend sent me here.”

Well, again I just would like to thank Graig and his team. I feel like he knows what he’s doing and I feel like he makes modifications once he knows who you are and what you’re looking for. Like, I said, I keep a big spreadsheet that’s got 18 years of data on it and I plug in how many calls we get per month from Local Search For Dentists®. It’s an increasing number; it never has gone down. It just has kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger.