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Personal Note From The Desk Of Graig Presti, MBA:
CEO of Local Search For Dentists® A 4X Inc 500/5000 Approved Dental Marketing Agency

Hi Doctor,

My name is Graig Presti and I’m founder and CEO of 4x Inc. 500/5000 Magazine approved dental marketing company, Local Search For Dentists® and we are one of the most reputable, successful and fastest growing companies in all of dentistry, and the sole reason for our success is because of our “no baloney” approach to helping our dentists sleep better at night by providing a consistent and predictable flow of new patients and referrals …month in and month out! You may have seen some of my writings and articles in such publications as Dental Economics Magazine, Dental Product Reports and The Profitable Dentist…

Las Cruces, NM dentist Dr. Brian Gilbert is leading his market and breaking his own production records with the help of Local Search For Dentists®. Find out how he’s dominating a very crowded New Mexico marketplace (without doing any of the work himself!).

I look at the trends in terms of how consumers behave with the advent of the Internet and I look at it as….

Is your dental practice K-Mart or the next

I think that everyone reading this, you need to really let that soak in for a second because there was a day and age where K-mart was ruling the country, selling very affordable low priced household goods and clothing to the entire country and they were a staple on every corner in almost every city and now they’re invisible, they’re gone, they’re bankrupt.

Mainly because people have changed the way they look for service providers (I.E. the local dentist) and with the click of a smartphone can now order their paper towels or order their lawn more if they want. Everyone who consumes this content needs to shift their mindset and ask themselves…

“What can I do in my business right now that puts me in a position to be more like than the outdated Kmart model?”

You CAN NOT practice like you did ten years ago, especially with the advent of the Internet, because access to information to consumers has never been easier, quicker and more efficient and the buyers have changed; and that even goes to how you market your practice, how you brand your practice, the words you say when you answer the phone, all of those things add up to the patient asking themselves…”Is this a cutting edge practice that invests in themselves with online marketing and technology?” only because consumers are so wise now.

I want to help you put an action plan together to get your practice moving in the right direction. Do NOT be a stick in the mud, who refuses to change. This year can be that year for change. Let’s do it!

One word of WARNING: This action plan will disappear with out notice! So don’t delay.

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Be Bold And Make Things Happen!
Graig J. Presti, MBA
CEO Local Search For Dentists® A 4X Inc 500/5000 Approved Dental Marketing Agency

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One of my private clients (who will remain nameless) is already breaking his competition in half ….buying practices, just killing doctors who won’t change.

So, if you’re struggling with making heads or tails of what to do that can specifically help you grow your practice then this action plan is a “glove fit for you”.

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