I’ve Met Your Competition, and Trust Me…You’re Going To Lose The Fight If You Don’t Evolve.

If you’ve been a practicing dentist for more than a year or two, you’ve probably seen the competitive landscape change over the years. That’s how fast things are changing around you in just a few short years.

Your biggest challenger used to be down the street. It was you and another local dentist, who was at relatively the same scale you were, duking it out through local promotions and advertising. It was about who had the bigger and better Yellow Pages ad, or whose doorstep flyer drew the most phone calls.

That was, as they say, a “simpler time.” And dentistry is definitely “not what it used to be”.

FAST FORWARD TO TODAY. The world has changed and in lots of ways. Instead of another office down the street, monster corporations, DSO’s and private equity firms have taken notice of the profit margins available in running a dental practice, and unfortunately, they don’t see the local dentist as a threat (I’ll explain why below). As a result, you have companies like CVS sticking local outlets of SmileDirectClub into 1000 of their locations in the next two years.* (Walgreens is also adding SmileDirectClub locations in its stores.)

Market share for patients is not an endless abyss.
Pay attention to how the money moving up!

Yes, CVS. The Godzilla of a “convenience store” that has a location on every corner in America. This Goliath organization has so many locations that 70% of all people in this country are located less than 3 miles from one. Their monthly marketing/advertising budget could buy every house in your entire neighborhood 10 times over.

CVS doesn’t play nice. They don’t care about the degree on your wall, how many years your office has been serving the public or benefitting your community. They are a mammoth institution that competes on price and convenience…not quality. They’ll squash you like a caterpillar on the sidewalk as soon as they get the chance.

And with those kinds of resources, you can bet that they can and will brainwash the unwitting public, your community, and your patients into believing that the dental services they’re offering are just as good, if not better than yours.

The bad news? Although you are undoubtedly a better dentist, you can’t compete with their budget, their resources, or their ferocious plans for world domination. And unless you’re related to one of the Koch Brothers and there’s a family reunion coming up, you’d better find another way to ensure your survival as an independent practice owner.

The good news? The world has changed in some additional ways…and they fall in your favor. In the wake of faceless corporate convenience, young families are now going back to experienced, local service providers who have the patience, know-how, and warmth that a company like CVS could never offer.

You, your office, your staff; they are exactly what so many people in your community are yearning for. But getting in front of those people, well it’s a different game now. Those same Yellow Pages ads, word-of-mouth and flimsy coupons and flyers don’t work like they used to.

The Modern “Word Of Mouth” Referral Has Moved
From Offline to Online!

Trust me… you are 100% losing referrals, production, market share and PROFIT (pure cash flow) to other doctors down the street who have their “Google House” in order, with loads of FRESH AND CURRENT Google reviews, videos of their best patients bragging about them, blogs, photo websites and other online reputation marketing that they’ve been doing for over 10 years, while you might be relying on “outdated” marketing methods, like a “website” (which is just a glorified brochure in this day and age), word of mouth, playing on Facebook, or worse yet, you’re doing NOTHING to attract referrals and new patients.

Please allow me to explain, let’s say Kelly, a great patient of yours refers you to Suzy down the street because she just moved into the neighborhood. Does Suzy ever call to book an appointment? Maybe, maybe not. Data from Comscore tells us that 93% of the time she is going to Google you and your business. If she goes on Google and sees that you’re branded as the best dentist in town, using the tools I referenced above, then she’s going to call. There is instant trust. I was just talking about this with Dr. Nathan Ho, who is a tremendously successful dentist in the Dallas area and influencer in the industry to over 6,000 dentists on his podcast, called Dental Win-Win. He consistently gets large cashing paying cases because the patients already come in trusting him because his “google house” is 100% in order. In the modern era we live in, you have NO CHOICE but to do these things or you will go the way of the “dodo” bird and become the next Kmart or Blockbuster…EXTINCT. And I don’t say this to scare, the data backs up my statement, you simply will not survive, and I’ve seen this all too often over the last 15 years!

Instead, your patients and their families are searching for your services through different means. Forget meaningless coupons or braggy, boastful commercials. Instead, they are first turning to the world’s largest and most trusted media outlet…Google Search. And believe it or not, you actually have the power to control the way your potential patients are perceiving your office. In fact, by claiming and managing your Google listing (and related properties, like your YouTube channel), you are doing more to build your brand than anything else.

If you want to have a dog in this fight and battle for your own survival, I URGE you to RIGHT NOW to focus on getting your Google house in order.

There’s no better time in history to create a windfall of business for your practice through Google. Instead of falling victim to public suspicion of dentists and other doctors in the community, use Google to build an aura of trust and quality. Plus, the entire thing is free!

Patients don’t understand the difference between a respected service provider and “the cheaper, easier alternative.” That is unless you actually show them why and how there’s a difference.

Too many doctors believe that
“What used to work will keep me successful forever”.

This is why it’s so essential that you control the conversation between you and your prospective patients. And the best way to do that is through your own powerful marketing, led by loads of FRESH and NEW beaming Youtube videos and Google reviews from real patients of yours bragging about how you impacted their lives and made everything simple and easy.

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take and it’s time to take action and let me, someone who’s helped 1000’s of dentists all over the world systematically improve profit and cash flow via more quality fee for service patients…

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Have Fun & Do Something Great!
Graig J. Presti MBA


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