The REAL Reason Why You Have Too Many NO SHOWS (and it’s not what you think!)

Let me start out by saying this post has nothing to do with “reminding” patients more or adding yet ANOTHER software, email, or texting solution to your practice management software. This is something totally counterintuitive that you’ve likely never given any thought to.

As founder and CEO of one of the most reputable, successful and fastest growing companies in all of dentistry….I’ve had the unique privilege of helping thousands of dentists all over the world leverage their existing practice and generate more phone calls, more new patients/referrals, and most importantly…MORE PROFIT in their practice. 

I want you to take a moment and really get in the mind of your patients and look at their experience with your practice through their eyes and their eyes only.

Times are a “chang’in” and if you haven’t noticed we’re in a New Dental Economy and the competition is getting tougher and more educated/advanced by the day. There are more dentists and less demand for dental services and then you couple that with the dramatic increase of DSO’s and corporate dentistry….  you better be on your A++ game or you’re in for a rude awakening (believe me I get the emails asking for my help when a practice is bleeding cash).

Now….things have been changing for some time now with the Internet, specifically, Google being the most trusted media and news source on the planet!

It is now the place where patients turn for all the important information about your practice and whether you’re reputable or not. Remember, as many as 75% of US adults experience some degree of dental fear, so they need to feel the “warm and fuzzies” as I call it.

I often speak about the “new patient game” and as with ANY game…. you can know if you’re playing well simply based upon the score.

If you don’t have enough points, goals, touchdowns, runs, etc…you’re losing and you’re not playing as well as your opponent.

The new patient game is no different.  Not enough new patients?

You’re doing it wrong!

You’re LOSING!

So let’s begin to change that right now.

You spend a ton of time, energy, resources and money to attract new patients and EVERY time one of them NO SHOWS you’ve just WASTED those resources…

Do you know why 44% of new patients REALLY no show?

It’s not what you think.

50% of new patients no show for reasons that are EASILY remedied with simple scheduling procedures and reminder calls and emails.  Most practices have this part of the game covered.

However, there are 6% of patients who no show, who simply flake out, change their minds, travel, etc…

That leaves a WHOPPING 44% of NO SHOWS completely unaccounted for.

Do you think it might help your bank account a little bit if you COMPLETELY ELIMINATED 44% of your no shows?  Permanently?

Here’s how…

5 STAR Google Reviews. (and I’m not talking about those other silly review sites that patients don’t know or trust. Google Reviews are king!) 

Now I know this might seem counter-intuitive and nothing you’ve ever thought of before, but you need to understand the mindset of your patients.

The REAL reason your 44% “no show” is because AFTER they made the appointment (especially if they were a referral) they went to Google to see what the “GREAT G” had to say about you.

What are other patients saying about you?

What do your ratings look like?

Are there any red flags?

And guess what… they’re looking and they’re finding reviews they don’t like or worse
they’re finding NO reviews or just a small handful of old reviews (2 months or more). This is especially bad if your competition has more….

And THAT is disastrous.

Do you know why?

Because every other dentist in your area is easily accessed from YOUR Google review page…

Don’t have any 5 STAR Google reviews?
Only have a few reviews?
Only have old reviews?
Have a bad review or two?

INSTANT LACK OF TRUST in you and your practice and they go look at OTHER dentist reviews and…


They change their mind and schedule elsewhere…

Voila… instant no show.

Now chances are the patient will never ever tell you (chances are they won’t call you or answer) but if they do, they’ll be shy about it and make up another excuse of why they canceled or no-showed because it’s just uncomfortable and embarrassing for them to express that. It’s very common in dentistry.

Do you want to fix this “no show” problem permanently?


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