Why Webguys Are Lazy

I’m going to share a very interesting and informative story with you that I know plagues majority of dentists and it’s down right awful.

Here at Local Search For Dentists we care about our clients successes and it’s out #1 priority everyday. Unfortunately not everyone you hire out there thinks the same as we do. Part of our program is working hand in hand with your web company or web guy to keep optimization going and keywords implemented, because we do constant dental keyword research and study Google’s formula daily. So naturally we want to share this with our clients web team because it helps our client become more successful in the longer term. And that’s what really matters.

so we called one of our clients web development company’s because we noticed in one of our daily scanning of our clients Internet searches that the keywords were not updated according to the new Google formula that was rolled out in Oct 2010, and it’s now Feb 1st, 2011! So we moved fast to get the word over to the appropriate person…too much time was wasted.

The conversation with my team member did not go as well as I expected, and the reaction to the new information was not accepted with open arms. When we asked them to update some information because it was the “old google way”,
the response was “well why would I do that, it’s just going to mean more work for me”. This is not the answer that should have been told to us and now our client has to suffer because of it.

Now let me tell you that this company charged my client extra for a so called “SEO package”, where they claim to do ongoing SEO for you. In my opinion this is the biggest scam in the dentistry today! There is no ongoing SEO it’s just a glorified way for them to charge you extra for ZERO work.

Let me tell you that I’d say 90-99% of our clients have old keywords, outdated SEO strategies, but we just help the web guy update the information and it’s a win win for everyone.

Let me ask you a question…when’s the last time your web guy picked up the phone or shot you a monthly email about updates, keywords or changes to the SEO package you paid for. I’d wager to say it’s not happening.

I hope this opens you eyes to the mis information and down right robbery that goes on in Internet Dental Marketing today.

Now there are some very good and reputable companies out there, and they do a great job. But I really believe deep down that web guys and companies should stick to their core competency of designing and maintaining websites.

But the problem is that they don’t know dentistry and they don’t know what people search for on the Internet when looking for a local dental service.

Let me know if there is anything we can help with..post a comment below.