Mobile Marketing/Mobile Local Search…Are you ready for it?

Most Dentists are just now only just getting to grips with the fact that their Dental Practice needs to begin focusing on local marketing. Now, in an effort to increase the number of prospective patients your practice generates online not only should you focus on local search but now mobile local search. And my logic behind this are the numbers below:

* 500% growth in mobile search from 2008 to 2010. (Google)
* By 2013, Google predicts 50% of all web traffic will be mobile.
* There are 70 Million Mobile Web users (Nielsen)

What is Mobile Local Search?
Mobile Local Search is a process that gives people the ability to search for local businesses, products and/or services within their local area using a smartphone, PDA, GPS system, iPhone or similar mobile devices. It is mainly used by people who are in a local area searching for a nearby service (IE their local Dentist).

They type in their search and can narrow down a business based on who is open at the time of their search and the nearest Dentist based on where they are located. To be found by people searching you need to ensure your Google Places profile listing is up to date and optimized.

In my opinion Local Search Marketing is not as valuable with out it being Mobile Compatible. That is why everything we do at is mobile compatible and ready for all the new devices. So I urge you to check on everything you’re doing on the local search marketing level and make sure you’re 100% ready. Leave me a question below in the comments box if you’re in doubt whether or not you’re “Mobile Ready”!