New Patients For Life™ Podcast, Episode 1

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Podcast # 1 abridged points

  • Welcome to first episode of New Patients For Life™ podcast
  • Host: Graig Presti, CEO of Local Search For Dentists®️, 4X-Inc. 500/5000 dental marketing agency in the industry and we are literally helping thousands of practices all over the world have record years more new patients more phone calls and more production and profit in their practice with all zero doctor time
  • Purpose of podcast: to declutter the industry because right now we have more misinformation and misguided information coming from everywhere.
  • Format: 
    • Talk about dental marketing, referrals, new patients, adding software/systems to your practice
    • Occasional guests: Financial services experts, systems experts, leadership experts
  • Intended audience: All independent dental practice owners
    • Struggling practice
    • Uber successful practice
  • Ask yourself: is your practice the next Kmart, or the next Amazon?
  • Bill Gates said “Success is a lousy teacher; it seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.”
  • Kodak invented the digital camera, then stashed it away out of fear of ruining their existing business.
  • Kmart got complacent; Amazon changed the model and ran them out of business.
  • Same thing with Blockbuster and Netflix.
  • The moral: Don’t ignore industry trends out of complacency, ego or fear.
  • 95% of consumers are looking on Google for dental services. Don’t get stuck in old, archaic methods of patient acquisition.
  • There’s a lot of doctors out there who really still believe, “What used to work for me will keep me successful forever,” and that’s a death sentence.
  • A lot of doctors who are struggling right now or not meeting their goals are literally being steamrolled by DSOs or the corporates or were those really young hungry dentists who have the marketing angle figured out.
  • The old strategies don’t work anymore; word-of-mouth, Yellow Pages ads, ValPak, handing out flyers, brochures, etc.
  • Great lessons: 
    • Don’t ignore your problems. 
    • Don’t ignore trends.
      • DSO’s are gobbling up market share
      • We’re watching this and fighting for small-to-medium sized dental practices so they can beat DSO’s at their own game
  • 90+ percent of people are trusting reviews just as highly as a personal recommendation, which means the modern referral has moved from offline to online.
  • Millennials are going to be 50% your patient base in the next few years, so don’t ignore them. Learn how to communicate with them.
  • Baby Boomers are using Google and the Internet.
  • Get your Google House in order.
    • Claim and optimize your Google listing/pages
    • YouTube videos
  • More harm is done by indecision than bad decisions.
  • Attrition needs to be addressed; 12-20% of your patient base will disappear every year
  • Contact us and we’ll be happy to look at your market and do a full market analysis 
    • Production
    • Patient flow
    • Current marketing strategies
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